Thursday, April 30, 2009

P365 Week 18

Well folks I done did it again. Decided to watch a TV show and fell asleep! Can you tell I don't do so well watching TV? Oh well, I'm here the new template is here and hopeful all is well with you as well!
Today's layout comes from Cindy. For this one she used some of her sons art work from a few years ago to create this page. Pretty darn awesome for a seven year old! Thanks for sharing Cindy!

Kit is Teen Crush
Frames recolored are from Happy Scrap Girl Designs

Today we have Project 365 week 18! Can you believe that! Week 18 already!
As always with the doubles you get the full size doubles in 12x24 and 22x8.5 (LS) along with each individual side of the template in 12x12 and LS.
(6 templates in all)
I had to divided this one up because of size.
Click Here to download the psd files
Click Here to download the psp files
Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.
If you have any Layouts you would be willing to share, I would love to see them!
Thank you all for the wonderful comments, I look forward to reading them each day!
Happy Scrapping Everyone
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Template #183

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I did not post last night. I didn't feel well and thought I'd lay down for just a bit but the next thing I knew it was morning! This morning was a crazy one as well. Nothing like having the teenager inform you at 7:20 that they forgot they were supposed to be at school at 7:15 for practice. Talk about a rat race! I just hope the rest of the day goes better.

Today we have some wonderful beach layouts sent in to us by Simona. I must admit I am drooling over the beach photos. I'm so tired of being land locked with farm fields!

Template #2 from the "Hits Grab Bag" (no longer available)
Kit is "Sea Breeze by: Ashley

Template #100
Kit is "Half Moon Bay" by Chelle

Today's freebie is our rerouted one from Monday. LOL!
Have fun!

Click Here to download from 4 Shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire

I have just 2 layouts left to show from my CT. If you have sent in a layout and have not seen it on the blog yet Please let me know!

If you would be willing to share a layout or two you can leave a link in the comments or you can find my email on the right side of the blog.
I try my best to respect peoples privacy. I don't have to share on the blog layouts you share with me and/or send in for the participation gift. I can blur out names or faces or not show it at all. Just request it when you send in your layout.

Please remember that hot linking is not allowed.

Until next time...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teen Crush Mini Kit

Howdy Everyone!
Hope you all had a good weekend. We did some more work in the girls room. We are installing a custom closet for them and completely painting the room. New bedding for both girls and new curtains! Guess what the colors are? ........ We will be using the colors of my It's A Girl Thing Mega Kit ! It's gonna be bright!

Tonight I have some layouts that I have done using my new Mini Kit "Teen Crush". Below each layout you will find the link to the template that was used to make each one. Below the layouts you will find the Teen Crush Mini Kit Preview and links.

Font: Grasshopper

Font: Pristina
Overlay by: EMS Arts (NOT included in the kit)

Font: Wishbone

Teen Crush Mini Kit Freebie
10 Papers, 20 Elements. Not all items shown
Click Here to Download from 4 shared
Click Here to Download from Media Fire
No hot linking please
I'm out of reader layouts, If anyone would like to share I would really appreciate it.
Thank You!
Until next time...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Double Template #25

Howdy everyone!
We had a busy Friday around here. After dropping the oldest off at school the youngest and I headed over to grandpa's to hang out and discuss this years garden plans. We also went to the hardware store with him.

Just before lunch we came home to pick up dad and run some errands. We grabbed a quick lunch and was back home for nap time. But, she did not want any part of nap time today. I felt like all I did was chase her back to bed. It just wasn't happening, not today.

After dinner the kids and I loaded up and headed over to Grandpa's were the oldest mowed the yard and I tilled the garden adding in all our winter compost. We will till it one more time before we plant to make sure all the compost is mixed in well. the boy and the little one played for over two hours on the big play set grandpa has for them.

Since the little one refused to nap today, along with all the fresh air and exercise, it didn't take long for her to pass out after getting home. Which in turn made a very nice closer for the day.

My dear friend in Italy sent in this layout of there walk on the beach on Easter Monday.
Absolutely Fantastic!
Can you imagine living that close to the beach?
The closest I have come to the ocean was the Gulf of Mexico. I visited Galveston Island with my Grandparent's back in 1991.
Thank you for sharing with us!
Kit "Blue Heaven" by Kikinou

Double Template Friday Freebie
Double Template #25

Click Here to download from 4 Shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire
(**Edit - 12:50pm Saturday. Media fire link is now available. Sorry about any inconvenience.)
(**Edit 11:15 pm Friday - Media Fire is being a pain right now, I'll add the link as soon as I get it uploaded. Sorry)
no hot linking please
Until next time...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Template #182

Holy Buckets did it get hot today! We actually set a new record, 91!I just open all the windows and let that warm breeze blow right on in. At 9 pm tonight it was still 90 outside but the wind had died off. It is supposed to drop off a lot for tomorrow down in the 60's and turn rainy and cool for the weekend.
Tonight I have a wonderful layout sent in to us by Sk8 Judge. Helana is Sk8 Judges Goddaughter and niece. Looks like she is about to jump right out of her chair with all that excitement! Love that smile! Thank you for sharing with us Sk8 Judge, your April gift will be in your email on the first.

Kit: It's A Girl Thing Mega Kit (limited time only)
Alpha is from DigiTreats Shout kit

Surprise! I have another single page Template for you all!
I have to change it up and break the routine once in awhile. Besides it keeps you guys on your toes! (giggle)
Freebie Template #182
Click Here to down load from 4 shared
Click Here to down load from Media Fire
No hot linking please
Until next time...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

P365 Week 17 Template

Evening Everyone!
I hope you had a good day! Because we did!
The weather was the best it could possible be for a beautiful spring day. The day didn't really start off with the best of things. The little one and I had to go pay our property tax's and register the car for this year. After that it was off to Walmart but not before a quick stop at home so the little one could "potty". She had a really great day and stayed dry all day! Yippee! And after school we all headed to the park for an hour before dinner.

Anyhow, tonight I have some of my own layouts to share. I know they are from Easter but I have been holding them for a night that I did not have any reader layouts to share.

Kit: Getting Eggy Mini Kit
Pins: It's A Girl Thing Mega Kit
all by me
Fonts: Ravie and New Times Roman

Template #135 - divided one photo spot into two.
Kit: Getting Eggy Mini Kit
both by me
Font: Freebooter Script

Kit: Getting Eggy Mini Kit
both by me
Fonts: Freebooter Script and New Times Roman
Man I can't believe that it is week 17 already! Time flies when your having fun!
Tonight's Freebie Project 365 Week 17 Template

Click Here to Download from 4 Shared
Click Here to Download from Media Fire
No hot linking please
Until next time...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Template #181

Check this layout out! Don't you just want to grab a fork and dig in!
You'd been in for a rude surprise if you did!
Simona received this candle as a gift for Easter! Yes I said candle! Simona tells me it smells just like chocolate! Thank you Simona for sending this in. What a neat way to remember a special gift!

The Kit used is: A Bit Of Happiness by Julie
Tonight's Freebie is Template #181
Click Here to download from 4 Shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire
No hot linking please
Thank you to everyone who has left comments this month here on the blog and at 4 shared. I really enjoy reading them and being inspired by some of your suggestions. I also get a lot of my inspiration from the lo's you folks send in. If you would be willing to share, you can leave a link in the comments or you can email me. I appreciate receiving them and seeing what you create. If you do send an email with a layout please put Layout(s) in the subject line so I don't miss it.
Thank you once again for all your kind words on the blog freebies and whats been going on within our family. Somedays it sure feels good to vent and get it all off my shoulders but I always feel bad "dumping" it on you guys.
Thank you for putting up with me!
Until next time...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's A Girl Thing Mega Kit Freebie

Evening Everyone!
Did you all have a good weekend? It was pretty calm around here compared to what the week had been like.
Tonight I would like to introduce my newest Mega Kit, It's A Girl Thing!
This kit is number two in a series that Michele and I plan on doing for our children. The first was the beautiful Brianna's Butterfly's kit that we did for her daughter and now It's A Girl Thing is for my oldest!
This kit is loaded with all things teen girl related! Make up, music, and first time driving!
It's A Girl Thing contains over 30 Papers and over 30 Elements along with 6 Word Arts that you can pick up over on Michele's blog.
Cindy who is my guest CT member this month sent in these fabulous layouts of her daughter using It's A Girl Thing.
Oh No! Look Out! Stay off the Sidewalks! New driver on the loose! hehehehe Just teasing I'm sure she is an awesome driver Cindy! You must have nerves of steel though! My oldest will start driving this summer and I'm a total basket case about it.

We don't do the texting thing around here, so I can't even phantom this many text's in just one month!

This is how my week started! Remember I said I'd tell you about Monday!
The kids had the day off of school so we decided to clean and rearrange the girls room. Somewhere in the mess the youngster found the bottle of black nail polish. She did not have it for more then oh say thirty seconds! As I reached to take it from her she spun around and it smashed into the ladder of the oldest loft bed.

Template # 187 (coming soon!)

WA by Linda

Paint Splotch brushes from Obsidian Dawn

Here is another one of mine. I finally got a few pictures of the oldest!

A small miracle on that part!

Now on to It's a Girl Thing!

Kit contains over 30 Papers, over 60 Elements and 6 Word Art

Here are a few previews of what you will be getting!

Papers (bonus papers not shown)


6 Word Art

Visit Michele's Blog to download the Word Art

Full Kit Preview

not all items shown in the previews.

For a limited time only you can find the download links here.

Sorry this Item is no longer available.

Don't forget to head over to Michele's to pick up the WA!

Has anyone got any layouts to share? I'm completely out of reader submitted ones! I would really enjoy seeing what you have been doing with this months kits! Anybody? Please?

Final Warning! Twilight will be retired in about 2 hours! Get it while you still can!

Until next time...

Reader layouts

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening what ever it is in your neck of the woods! OK so I'm being a bit silly tonight. Yep it's a little after midnight here and I'm still chuckling about Friday mornings antics.

Grandpa was supposed to pick the oldest up at 7:30 to take her to school (Van issues previous posts). At 7:45 I called him no answer, figured he was driving and on his way. 2 min later he calls and says he is on is way. 5 min to 8 still no grandpa. 8 o'clock call him again, he is sitting at the store next to the high school. He is waiting for me to go by so he can pick me up at the mechanic shop. Oh No that's Monday not Friday! OK at this point there is no more time to wait. I told him just to go home and I'd run her to school with the van. There is no way he could get from there to our place and to the school in time!

OK everyone is loaded in the van and we are almost to school, my phone rings! Grandpa locked his keys in the truck! So after dropping her off I had to pick him up so we could go get his spare set at his place. We pull up to his place and he asked for my garage door remote. (I have one of his for emergence's etc. ) I don't have the remote in the van it's in my broken down car. (Tells you how often I need it.) Grandpa then asks how we plan to get in, I told him I did have my house key as long as the screen door wasn't locked. But of course it was! So off to my place to get that garage door remote! Got it and got back to his place. He couldn't find the key and that took a bit. Finally we were able to find them and went back to get the truck. What should have been a really easy morning for me turned into a lot of nerve racking driving! From start to finish it was over an hour and a half! But all is well that ends well! The girl made it to school in time, we found the keys, and the van held up! So that is all good! On the way back to grandpas after getting the remote we were laughing about it already!

The only temporary downside was every time we pulled away from Grandpa's house the youngest would have a fit that she wanted to stay at grandpas. After getting home and having breakfast all was right in her world again.

Alright you guys don't really come here to read my lame stories, but hey that's my life, as lame as it may be sometimes!

Tonight we have a few layouts to show.
Our first one this evening is sent in by Linda. Linda was very kind in pointing out that some how I missed her layout in march. I am so sorry Linda! Thank you so much for letting me know! I ask for them and then misplace them! Not a good thing and I am very sorry. If anyone else has sent in a layout and has not seen it yet please let me know! These are the last ones I have.
Isn't she a cutie!

Linda has used:
Springtime Friends Kit also by me for her layout.
Thank you Linda!
These next two layouts were sent in to us from Debbie. Sure looks like a lot of fun was had by all! What a fantastic job on the extractions in the this first layout! Wow!

Art work Debbi extracted herself.
Sample Double LS Template Side B (altered)

kit is Moonchild by Bel Vidotti

Well that is the last of the layouts you the readers have sent in! If you have any you would be willing to share please drop me a note!

Come back Sunday night for more goodies and a new Mega Kit!
Until next time...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Woody and Double Template #24

Hi Everyone!
Meet Woody!
He has been my alarm clock for a little over a month now! He loves to "Drum" on our furnace vent pipe. Woody is a Hairy Woodpecker who lives in the tree out side my bedroom window. Drumming as it is called is how they mark there territory. I'm so glad he claimed us! Not! Oh well, it will only last a couple of more weeks. Did you know that woodpeckers are a federally protected species? I didn't! Not until today that is, when I googled why he likes my vent pipe so much!
Sorry the photos are so poor but he wont let me get very close and so I have to take the pictures through my bedroom window, two panes of glass and the screen! I sure wish it showed the red on the back of his head more he is a very pretty bird when he isn't hiding in the shadows!

Woody the Hairy Woodpecker

Kit used is Comfort by Stacey’s Scraps
The template, well I was hunting through my stash and found Template #134, it had the right numbers of photos but no LS version. So I made one! You can click the preview below to grab the LS version only. (4 shared only)
Note: Template #134 and the new LS #134 DO NOT have psp or png images. If you do need these images then Please EMAIL me with the Subject line Template #134 extras. Thank You!

And finally tonight we come to our Double Template #24 Freebie

Click Here to download from 4 Shared
Click Here to Download from Media Fire

Well the oldest should be arriving in Minneapolis in the next half hour or so. Her school orchestra charted a bus to go for the weekend and see the orchestra there play and a bunch of other things. Tune in tomorrow for the crazy antics of getting her to school this morning! It got even more crazy and hilarious after she got dropped off!

Alright you should know the rules by now but I'll say it again
No hot linking please

Until next time...

Update and QP

Morning everyone!
I intended to post this last night but instead I stretched out on the couch and fell asleep watching the TV. I took our van in to my "Family" Mechanic to get a second opinion and estimate, other then just the dealership. I call him the Family mechanic because I have known him since I was a kid and he was just getting his start working for my Dad.
Anyway after he put it up on the lift and his employees stoped staring because I was in the shop beyond the employee only sign. Sorry, I helped build the shop, I will do as I please. Besides growing up in an auto shop you learn whats safe and not. There is good news and bad news.
Good news is only one set of ball joints actually are bad. the dealership was pushing to do all 4. But the bad is the dealer only wanted to fix part of my steering problem, Gordy discovered that it was the steering linkage not just the steering arm that is going bad. So it got cheaper with fixing the ball joints and more expensive on the steering problem. The most pressing problem is the left side ball joints, so much so that he says one good pot hole could take that side out! So Monday morning the van is going in to have those ball joints fixed! It will be a little less then 400 bucks. He says the steering would be good for a year or so and that as long as the ball joints are done it will be safe to take our trip! Yea!!!!! The steering will be fixed after we get back. He compared it to steering an old 1947 tractor! So that's the good the bad and the ugly!
Now how about something pretty!
Lori over at Scraps n Pieces put this wonderful QP together using one of my templates. Honestly I don't know for sure which one she used! It could be a couple of different ones depending on what you add or remove from the templates and if you rotated it or not.
Here are the links to a couple of possibilities!
Double Template #11 Side B with slight changes or
Double Template #19 Side A with pictures rotated.
That's the fun part of templates! You can change them to do what ever you want to!
Click on the Image to head over to Loris blog and grab the QP while your there you can find out all about the fabulous kit she used!
I'm heading over to Lori's at Scraps N Pieces to grab it now! I have a thing for chicken wire! I love it! Remind me sometime and I'll explain why!

Just a little foot note here. I am not associated with Scraps N pieces or any of the designers that Lori CT's for. I just feel very Honored that she chooses to use one of my templates from time to time while she is fulfilling her CT duties to others. Thank you Lori!
I'll be back later this evening with the Friday Double Template Freebie!
Until next time...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

P365 Week 16 Template

What a day! I would almost swear it was a Monday! Oh, don't get me started on last Monday! You will here about it soon enough! But today, I don't even know where to start! If you have been following along this year you will know that the bad things come in threes has hit us a few times already. Well it hit again today!
This time vehicle problems. Gonna cost almost 1000 bucks to fix and we just don't have it. First the transmission in the car, it's now parked since we can't afford to fix it. The truck needs brakes all the way around and now the van needs all new ball joints in the front end. I took it in for a look see this morning since we have a trip planned for next month. I knew something was up with the front end but my boyfriend kept trying to tell me that it was nothing. Sorry Dear, but ball joints are a very big deal!
Ok Ok enough! I don't want to rant, never meant to when I started typing but the frustration of all the set backs is defiantly eating at me.
Tonight I'm sharing some long over do layouts that Tracie from My Musings sent me the link to a couple of weeks ago. So Sorry Tracie for not getting these up sooner!
These are Absolutely Wonderful!
Same Template just flipped Horizontally
You can find the full credits Here
Tonight's Freebie
Project 365 Week 16 Template.
(All of my Project 365 Templates are Double Templates)
Click Here to Download from 4 shared
Click Here to Download from Media Fire
No Hot Linking Please
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Evening Everyone!

Just thought I'd pop in and share a layout I received the other day. Oh, and guess what? I did one two!
Simona sent in this wonderful layout of her family' fur babies.
I think the one in the middle Schizzo is the one we have seen in some previous layouts. He has such wonderful markings! LuLu looks a lot like our Kittie Ashes that passed away last fall. A dainty little princess. (I'm guessing on the he and she parts) Thank you for sharing Simona!

Template #1 from the 100,000 Hits Grab Bag that is unfortunately no longer available.


I took these photos of our youngest of Friday afternoon. She was so excited about going to great grandpa's house to spend the night that she was packed and ready, hours, before it was time to go!

Getting Eggy Mini Kit, by me

Double Template#19 Side A, by me

One last little bit of information. If you have not downloaded Twilight yet, may I suggest you do so soon. It will be retiring this Sunday evening!

I only have one more set of layouts to share. If anyone would be willing to share some I'd really appreciate it! Besides you get a template gift just for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by!

New freebie on Wednesday!

Until next time...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Template #180

Has it been a while since I gave out a single Template!
But first guess what I found while I was blog snooping tonight?
I found some layouts that used some of my freebies!
Check em out!
Brandi did this fabulous layout, you can check out her blog Here.
Steelers Fan Kit and Add On no longer available
Holly put together this super cute layout!
You can check out her blog Here and see the full credits Here.
Michele on my CT sent in this layout of her fun loving grandson.
Kind of hard to believe that the same template made both of those last two layouts! Just goes to show you how easy it is to change it up to suit your specific needs!
Tonight's Freebie Template #180
Click Here to Download from 4 Shared
Click Here to Download from Media Fire
No Hot Linking Please
Until next time...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eery Page Kit

Hi Ya!
Did you all have a good Easter?
If you haven't already, scroll down and check out what the Easter Bunny left for you all here on the blog. "Getting Eggy" is a cute and fun little Mini Kit! I even used it for 3 layouts already!
I have another kit for you tonight, this one is a smaller Page Kit and is called "Eery".
I think you'll find it a fun kit to play around with. Personally I didn't care for it much while I was making it but now that I have scrapped a layout or two using it I find myself liking it more then I ever thought I would!
Cindy, has created these wonderful layouts using "Eery" I love how Cindy used the Ribbon and Star from my Twilight Mega Kit in this one!
Mine -
I used my Template #161

Eery Page Kit Freebie Eery Page Kit includes:
5 Papers and 11 Elements

Click Here to Download from 4shared

Click Here to Download from Media Fire

No hot linking Please.

Happy Scrapping Everyone!
If you do make something with one of my freebies drop me a note I'd love to see your layouts!

Until next time...

Getting Eggy Mini Kit

Surprise and Happy Easter Everyone!
I was up late waiting on the Easter Bunny to do his thing, so I thought I'd "hop" on here and show you this layout I put together this evening after the boy decided he wanted to help his little sister color eggs. Not to big of a mess and only one egg was broken when she banged it on the counter top! All is well that ends well and only a few colored fingers to boot!

For this Layout I used Template #170.

And I'll be darned look what the Easter Bunny left for all of us!

Not even my CT knew about this one!

Getting Eggy Mini Kit

13 Papers and 20 Elements - Not all Items are shown

Click Here to download from 4shared

Click Here to Download from Media Fire

Happy Easter Everyone!

Until next time...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twilight QP #3

Michele has done it again folks! Not only has she done another layout with Twilight but she turned it into a QP for you all again! 12x12 and Landscape are both included!
The template Michele used is Template #3 in my NSD Grab Bag
Click the Preview to head on over to Michele's blog to pick up you Freebie!
Happy Scrapping!
Until next time...