Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!

I am posting a bit early today, for we are going to grandpas for trick or treating tonight.
Scroll down to the next post for a bunch of freebies that will be retiring soon. Get them while you can!

Today's freebies are:
Halloween 2008

7 papers and 12 elements

Click the preview to download

Halloween Templates 2008

Click the preview to download
(3 templates are included)

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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

The template challenge will be extended until Saturday night when I have more time to explain the next part. Get your Layout's in!!!

Until next time...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Retiring some freebies

It's getting to be that time, time to retire a few things and make room for the new. So as of November 10th these items will be gone for good. Keep your eyes open and remember the 10th, it's gonna be an exciting day here on the blog!

Whale Watching Kit

Sorry this kit has retired

Party Time Freebie

Sorry this item has retired

Charlette Kit

Sorry this kit has retired

Mish Mash

Sorry this kit has retired

Harvest Mini Kit

Sorry this kit has retired

Lucky Day

Sorry this kit has retired

Mothers Day Freebie

Sorry this item has beem retired

No hot linking Please! Send your friends here to the blog so they can look around and snag the things they like themselves.

You still have 1 day left to get your team kit requests in just leave a comment or email me.

Also the contests will be changing Friday night so get your layouts in! Template Challenge info can be found here.

Sorry there is no "new" freebie tonight. With Halloween tomorrow and National Digital Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, amongst basketball practice and other things, I have my plate full. But I promise there will be lot's of goodies in the next couple of days!

Until next time...


Good evening all!

Tonight we have a Double Layout from Michele to share. Here she has used my Double Template # 8 and has created her own papers and elements.

Thank you Michele, your participation gift will be in your email on Friday evening.

There is still two days left to get your Layouts in for the Template Challenge.

All you have to do is email me a layout with credits that uses any of my templates! How easy is that! Just for sharing your layout you will receive a new 12 x 12 template that will never be shared on the blog!

A new challenge will start on Friday night!

Speaking of Friday night, are you ready for all the little ghosts and goblins?

We are almost ready, the girls are done but I'm still working on the transformer costume for the boy. It's a pain in the butt! I finished painting all the parts and assembly is Thursday. Talk about cutting it close!

We carved the pumpkins and set up all the decorations at grandpa's today. We only put up about half of the stuff we have. The kids got all grossed out about the pumpkin insides and I ended up finishing them. The little one has been shouting happy Halloween and trick or treat all day. She is more excited then the other two. The oldest is also going to a Halloween Dance Friday night.

But enough about all that let's get to tonight's Fan Kit
Tonight we have the Texas Longhorns

Click the preview to download

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Sorry this item is no longer available

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lions Fan Kit

Good evening everyone!

The wind didn't blow us away but it did bring some tree branches down on our roof Sunday. No roof damage, however they did manage to take out our satellite dish. (fixed today) But we were lucky, lots of trees were down all across town. Our local football stadiums scoreboard even came tumbling down. We only had one power outage here and thankfully that was on the other side of town. I guess it was even worse the farther north you went.

I hate to say it, but I am a bit disappointed that only one person has participated in the template challenge this week. The challenge runs through Friday night. You can find more information on the Template Challenge here.

For tonight's freebie we have the Lions Fan Kit
Lions Fan Kit Preview
Click the preview to download
Please remember hot linking is not allowed
Sorry this item is no longer available

Until next time...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

LO's and Templates

Hi Everyone! Hope your weekend is going good!

First off tonight we have some layouts that were sent in by Lori for the Template Challenge. Didn't she do a wonderful job? I think there great! Thanks Lori! Your gift will be in your email Friday evening. Thank you for sharing with us!


Template #105 - 3s_enough

Kit: It’s a Guy Thing by The Cameron Collection – Lori Cameron

Alpha – Vicki at AWP from Rustic Walk kit

Template # 112

Kit: Celebrate by DigiDesigns by Nicole

Tonight's Freebie's:

Template # 120

Click the preview to download

Landscape Template # 120

Click the preview to download

No hot linking please

I still have to make the previews for a few of the team kits so a new one should be up in a couple of days. I dislike making the previews so I always end up dragging my feet for a couple of days after I get a kit done.


Until next time...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Raining

It's getting pretty water logged around here. Four straight days of rain and now the farmers can't get the crops out of the fields. My cousin's organic beans are a complete loss. It was to wet of a spring for the crops to get a good start. Some people even had to replant. Then this fall it's been to wet for the fields to ripen properly and now all this rain just caps off another bad season. Some fields are so bad their just going to plow them under come spring. At least that's his plan for one of his fields.
On an up note we have decided that since we are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year that a couple of days after Christmas we might head out to Denver to see grandma and Grandpa and take the kids on there first ski trip up to Winter Park. The kids will take lessons first but I'm just gonna wing it.

Now let's get down to some scrapping business.

1) I will be closing the team kit requests at the end of the month.
Kits still in the works:

Get your requests in soon! You can leave a comment here on the Blog or send me an email. You can find my email in my profile in the sidebar.

2) I'm still looking for input for the Nascar kit. Who is your favorite Nascar Driver and who do you like least?

3) For the next couple of weeks I will be running some small little challenges. They will each run for 1 week, Friday to Friday. The first starts tonight.
Template Challenge
a) Must use one of my templates.
b) Must be "emailed" this makes giving you, your gift a lot easier (reply button).
c) Must include full credits.
d) Subject line of email should read "Template Challenge"
e) Entries will be displayed on the blog.

Your gift for participating , an exclusive 12 x 12 Template. This template will never be given away on the blog.

New challenge and a new gift next week.

I also managed to get a layout done tonight. It's the first one I've done in almost 2 months. I'm a bad scrapper!

The Great Outdoors Kit by: Cuddlebeez Scraps

The font is my personal hand writing

Now for tonight's freebie:
Cowboys Fan Kit

Make sure to get "Both" downloads!
no hot linking please

Have a good weekend everyone!

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rain Rain

Rain Rain Go Away...
It's been raining here since early morning and the 7 day forecast shows rain everyday!. Well I shouldn't complain I'd rather have rain then snow and that's even a possibility in the next couple of days. Just a slight chance but we have had snow many times at this time of year.

I finished up painting the house itself yesterday. I still have to finish the shutters and put them back up. I am still not liking the colors and I don't think it will stay this way for more then a year or two.

Last Friday morning a friend of mine was in a bad car accident. Fell asleep at the wheel. Things are still very touch and go.

The kids have picked out what they want to be for Halloween. All three are going with homemade costumes. The oldest a rock star, pretty easy. The little one is going as a black cat, that's done. But now I have to figure out how to make a transformer for the boy. He has chosen Optimus Prime.

I also wanted to let you know that at the end of October I will be closing the requests for team kits. Right now I still have 5 in the works. I will be moving on to the Nascar kit and hopefully will be able to find the time to finish the kit I started for my little ones birthday back on the 6th. So new things are in the works and the templates will continue.

But enough chit chat let's get to your freebie!
Template #119

Click the preview to download

Landscape Template # 119

Click the preview to download
No hot linking please
Remember to leave some love if you download. Every comment is read and appreciated greatly. Thank You!
Until next time...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


What a weekend!
We had some extreme drama happen Friday and it was a long day and evening of pacing and wondering if we should be packing up the kids and heading out. Phone updates every hour or so just didn't solve/relieve any of the anxiety's. We made it through the immediate danger but things are not out of the woods yet. If we can get good results in the next couple of weeks things might be ok but this could very well be, a very long road. I'd tell you all more but I'm still trying to absorb everything yet. just wanted to clue you in as to why Fridays post was so very brief. I even forgot to put in the"click preview for download". Sorry!
Saturday was a long day of worry and cleaning house.
Sunday I went out to do some more painting after an hour I couldn't stand it any more and quit. I have never seen so many Asian lady beetles. I think that's what there called. They look like a lady bug but are more orange then red in color, and they bite! Man can they bite! They were constantly flying into the wet paint and at one point I counted 5 of them on my leg. Stomping your foot does not knock them off, you have to flick them off. Nasty little buggers!

I also managed to scrap all the old caulking out of the bathtub corners and seams and recaulked it all. Looks good if I do say so myself. The bad part is I had the caulk gun all cleaned up and the half used tube cleaned up and ready to put away I made the mistake of letting the stuff sit on the bathroom counter while I made supper so the caulk gun could dry from washing. "The Boy" found it. I now have a drain full of caulk and the bathroom sink has a nice smeared caulk texture to it. Of course it was a couple of hours before I found the mess. What on earth posses kids to do this kind of stuff? Two weeks ago it was cooking spray.

Now if you have made it through the weekend, You deserve the next instalment of the team kits.

Colts Fan Kit

5 papers, 30 elements

Click the preview to download
No hot linking please

Have a good night everyone!

Until next time...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Template Freebie

Template # 118

Landscape Template # 118
No hot linking please
Until next time..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buckeye's Fan Kit

Good evening all!

Hope your day was a good one, ours was pretty boring. Unless you count the potty training. The last week and a half has been a dream.(knock on wood) For the last 11 days we have not used any diapers or pull ups. We have had 4 accidents. 1 was during the night and the other 3 she just wasn't able to get the her pants down fast enough. When she accomplishes it and stays dry she marches around telling everyone that her "Elmo's Dry". We let her pick out her own panties at the store and she seems bound and determined to keep her "Elmo's dry".

But enough about potty training we're all here to scrap!

Tonight's freebie is:

Buckeye's Fan Kit

Click the preview to download

No hot linking please
Sorry this item is no longer available

Until next time...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Template # 116

Another wet chilly day here. Hope the weather is better were you are.

My Dad called grandpa this afternoon to say he made it back to his place. Normally he would not bother to call but he just had to tell grandpa he ran into snow that was 6inches deep and how he had to use 4 wheel drive to get home. I know this sounds bad on my part but he only calls when something dramatic happens to him. Never to just say hi, or ask about the kids.

On to tonight's freebie. But first I would like to thank Jody for pointing out that I skipped a template. I had it made it just completely slipped my mind that I had not given it out yet. Thank you Jody!

Template # 116

Click the preview to download

no hot linking please

Until next time...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sorry I missed a few days. I didn't feel well Wednesday and just layed around more or less. Thursday I uploaded this kit and then received a phone call from my grandfather saying that my Dad was on his way for a visit and that he was all ready on the road (approx. 10 hour drive). This would make his arrival early early morning Friday. He finally pulled in at grandpa's about 10am and hung out there for the day. I did not find out he was even here till about 2:30 when I called grandpa to reconfirm our plans were still on for planting some trees he received. So when the boy got home from school we went to grandpa's. The oldest rode her bike there straight from school. We all chatted for about 30 min and then my Dad took off for Menard's. Grandpa and I then planted about half the trees and I also found out there was more to plant then just trees! Dad had not yet returned when it was time for me to go home, so that was the end of the visit. From what I heard when he did get back to grandpas he stayed for about an hour and left. He showed up again at grandpas about 11 am this morning and then left town to head back to his place around noon. No word to me or the kids or anything. If I would not have had plans to go over to grandpa's, the kids and I would not have seen him at all. The last time we saw him was last Christmas. The kids were pretty hurt that they didn't get to see him longer and that he didn't even say good bye. Me, I'm getting pretty numb to this stuff from him. I understand that he needed to leave earlier then expected due to a storm that is supposed to dump 6-12 inches of snow between his place and ours. But he still could of called, and besides he knows were I live, why should I hunt him down.

Enough about all that for now, I'll get into my relationship with my Dad at another time.

If you have hung in here this long you deserve a really big Thank You!

Here is tonight's Freebie

Redskins Fan Kit

Download Redskins Fan Kit Part 1

Download Redskins Fan Kit Part 2

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Sorry this item is no longer available

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm to pooped to chat tonight, so lets get to the freebie:

Freebie Penguins Fan Kit

Click the preview to download

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Sorry this item is no longer available

Until next time...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Day!

Happy Day! Happy Day! That's what our now 2 year old has been running around all day saying. She called yesterday Lucky Day since it was party day.

She also stayed dry all day yesterday and again all day today! Maybe this potty training thing is finally gonna sink in. We don't force her or anything we just give lots of opportunities. Not only is there a potty in the bathroom but we also have one in the living room. It's about 50/50 which one she uses.

Thanks for all your comments and Birthday wishes for the little one. I wanted to have a special birthday freebie for you tonight but my Photoshop is acting up and will not allow me to save anything. I haven't even been able to clean up the party pictures yet. I might have to break down and reinstall it all together. But in the mean time here is another addition to the team kits.

Giants Fan Kit Freebie

As always hot linking is not allowed.

Thanks everyone have a great day!

Until next time...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Freebie Template

Good evening Everyone!

It has been a much better day around here!

I worked on a couple of new kits this morning and the little one and I ran to the store this afternoon to pick up some stuff to grill on Sunday for the birthday party.

Landscape Template #087 Freebie

Click on the preview to download

No hot linking please

Until next time...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Templates and a Kit

This weeks adventure recap:
Monday the little one got into the Vaseline. Smeared a handful on the coffee table and the couch. I placed her in the empty bathtub to go evaluate the situation with out her making even more of a mess, well she was bound and determined to find trouble and she did with daddy's razor. She apparently clambered up on the edge of the bathtub and was able to shake the shelf enough to knock the razor off. She cut up her left thumb pad pretty good. It's healing nicely now.

Tuesday I came real close to finishing the trim. Only the under side of the over hang on the front of the house and the shutters left to do. Great Grandpa came over to help watch the little one while I was painting. At some point she cut her palm on her right rand on her brothers bike.

Also on Tuesday, after dinner I went grocery shopping. While carrying groceries in I took a bad stumble and messed up my left hand. The knuckles are all black and blue and swollen up.

Wednesday was shopping for the little ones birthday party on Sunday. She will actually be two on Monday.

Today I have been dragging. I just don't feel right.

Michele - the template that you emailed me about, Do you want that in 12 x 12 or would you prefer landscape?

Tonight's Freebie's:

Template # 117

Click the preview to download

Landscape Template # 16

Click the preview to download

49ers Fan Kit

Click the preview to download

Please remember, no hot linking please

Until next time...