Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Template # 146

Freebie Template # 146

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Template # 145

Freebie Template # 145

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Template # 144

Freebie Template #144

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Traditions Calab Kit

Hey everyone!

I have asked my good friend Michele at A Small Scrap of Our Life to help me make a holiday kit.

Holiday Traditions is what we came up with.

We hope you enjoy it!
Here is the Full Paper Preview:

Here is a preview of the elements:

(not all items shown)

Full Kit Includes:
22 Papers
6 bows
6 ribbons
8 ornaments
2 metal swirls in both Silver and Gold
3 page borders
5 light bulbs
5 strings of lights
2 candles
4 tags
1 piece of tape
2 stockings
2 suckers
2 frames
2 clips
7 word art in both Silver and Gold
4 word art in both Red and Green
1 holly leaf
This kit got so big we divided it into two! Part 1 and Part 2

Here is a Preview of part 1 which I am giving away here on the blog.
Click the preview to download!

This is the preview of part 2 which you can find on Michele's Blog.

Click on the preview to be taken to Michele's Blog!
Michele's Link has been Fixed!!

Remember that hot linking is not allowed but that you are more then welcome to share the link to the blog with all your family and friends!


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Double Landscape Template Sample

What's up Doc?
Yep, it's Saturday morning cartoons around here!
I hope you are all staying warm today. It is 3 degrees with a -20 windchill here. We received about an inch of snow over night but the wind has scoured most of my yard bare of the snow. The grass is very ugly this time of year!

The boy was supposed to have a basketball game today at 11 but they cancelled all games for today. They made the call late yesterday afternoon based on the weather forecast for today. The only bad part about it is we were supposed to get the team pictures back today.

I would like to thank Everyone who has left comments. This morning I went back and read every single comment that I have received since November first!

Sheila - Thank you so very much for your email and comments. I truly do not deserve that much praise. From what you have told me, you deserve all the credit! You are a very strong person who can do anything you put your mind to! I wish you and your family the very best this holiday season!

Michele - Are you ready for tomorrow?
I still need your TOU, pretty please.

Juli - I would love to see your layouts! You can find my email in the "About me" section on the right side of the blog. If you don't mind sharing them on the blog please include credits including any fonts. If you would rather not share them on the blog and only with me you don't have to worry about the credits.
Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!

Now I have a question for you Landscape scrappers.

I have never printed a landscape book or even any of the landscape layouts I have done so I am depending on your input on this.

Would you use double layouts? If so in which format?

I have come up with three versions. A side by side landscape, side by side portrait, or top and bottom landscape to see what I mean have a look at the image below. You can either leave a comment here on the blog or take the poll on the right side of the blog. Your input will determine what I do.

I know that double 12 by 12's are almost always a hit but I don't want to leave my good friends that do Landscapes left out. Besides I am starting to like the Landscape format myself. There a heck of a lot cheaper to print and I can get them printed locally instead of using an online print service.

Here is a freebie sample Top and Bottom Double Landscape Template.

Click the preview to download

Weather you download or not I would really appreciate your thoughts on it.
Remember hot linking is not allowed.
Please share the Blog with your family and friends Not the individual files.

Thanks Everyone and Have a Great Day!

Until next time...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Double Portrait Template # 3

Hey folks, Whats Up?

It's been a busy busy day around here, but I feel like I didn't get anything done. No, really, I didn't! I accomplished dishes, grocery shopping, and one load of laundry. Ok, so I got a couple of things done but it really don't feel like it.

This day has been so chopped up to me. The oldest had to be to school early but the boy was supposed to meet the bus at the same time. Two places at once, hmmm. By gosh and by golly we made it to the boys bus stop after dropping the oldest off with about 20 seconds to spare! Came home made eggys for the little one. That's what she calls them. Then we went back out to try and finish Christmas shopping and get grocery's. All accomplished and home by 9am. At noon had to go get the oldest( school times on test days suck). Back home. The boy calls at 2:55 missed the bus home, Out I go to fetch him up. We actually met the bus at the bus stop one the way home! Hardly home a half hour and out we go to take him to his study session. Back home. Pick boy up at 6pm and had dinner on the table at 6:30.

Just go go go today. The little one managed to get in an early nap from 9:30 to 11. And while she did that I wrapped a few more gifts. One of these days I have got to get around to finishing the ornaments I'm making!

It managed to make it up to 18 degrees today but, of course there's a but. We have 2-4 inches expected starting tonight and ending tomorrow afternoon(Friday) The the cold is supposed to move in and another round of snow sat night and nasty wind again this Sunday and Monday.

There was a comment a few days ago about how I would look back and remember the cold fondly when summer comes. Well to be honest here, I love the snow, the cold not so much! If we had 10 feet+ of snow and it got no colder then in the teens I would be in Hog Heaven!

And now... on with the show!

Tonight's freebie is what I call Double Portrait # 3

Click the preview to download

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate it so much when you leave comments!

*Edit* 6:30am friday.... 2.8 inches fell over night, putting us at 14 inches for the season so far.

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Template #143

I'm in a bit of a bum mood this evening so I will keep this short.
However I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took the few moments to leave a comment. Thank you all so much it means a lot. More then you will ever probably know.

Thank You!

I also have a layout to share. Kit is by Lori and it is called Slam Dunk. You can visit her blog Here.The template I used is tonight's freebie.

Tonight's Freebie Template #143

Click the preview to download

Please share the blog NOT the individual files
Thanks Everyone!

Until next time...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Template # 142

What a fridged day! -6 at the moment with a -57 windchill and steadily falling. The part of the storm that was carrying the snow missed us again. This has been a repeat of Novembers storm just a whole lot colder this time. The wind thankfully is supposed to die down tomorrow. I sure hope so or grocery day might get postponed.

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has left a comment. I think this is the most comments I have ever gotten in a 24 hour period of time! Wow! Thanks Everyone!

I love that we are all sharing our weather right now! Let's see here, maybe we can do something with it.... Maybe a special freebie for whoever gets the coldest between now and Saturday? You help me chose... Should it be warm related or cold related? Or maybe a template in your size of choice?

Wow! You guys are running this one! obviously the more comments, the more information = better freebie for you in the end!

So let's get those Ideas and Weather reports in! We will call this Challenge... Weather Report

I actually have another layout to share tonight! Here I once again used my Birthday Girl Kit and tonight's freebie Template # 142. The font is Lucida Calligraphy.
Freebie template # 142

Click the preview to download
(Template in 2 sizes, each holds 12 pictures)
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Please share the blog with your friends and family NOT the individual files!

Thanks Everyone!!

Until next time...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Template # 141

So how is your weekend going!
It was a bright, beautiful 38 degrees here! Although, we are supposed to be hit with blizzard conditions tomorrow (Sunday). Snow, wind, cold, the whole sha bang. After that just plain cold, lows at -30 to -40 and highs in the single digits. Brrr. Gonna be fun finishing up the Christmas shopping! NOT!!
Tonight I have a layout to share! This don't happen often enough. I make ton's of templates but only actually scrap a layout a couple times a month. Any who, in this layout I used my Birthday Girl Kit. The kit comes in pastel shades but I used the Hue/Saturation slider to mach the elements and ribbons to the colors in the cake and candles. This kit is only available until Midnight tonight. I also used tonight's Template #141.

Freebie Template # 141

(2 sizes included)

Click the preview to download

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Share the blog not the files! Thanks everyone!

Until next time...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Template # 140

Hi everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am!

We sold one of our properties last night! It's such a good feeling to have that stress off! I spent the morning doing paperwork and 6 months of book keeping. Like I said, time was gonna slap me in the face one of these days. But it hasn't been for Christmas yet! All the paperwork for the sale is complete and as soon as the check clears they take possession, Monday or Tuesday! We have been negotiating with these people for about a month now on the price and we finally reached an agreement.

Some of you have noticed the new blog header. I made it using my kit Blue Frost. To find out more about Blue Frost click Here. The font is my all time favorite: Freebootter script

You may also have noticed that Digifreebieslist has picked us up. You can find there blinky in the side bar of my blog. Thanks DigiFreebiesList!

Karianne left an awesome idea in the comments of yesterdays post. She says "I'll be using it as a K-12th grade school frame for my sons!" What a great idea Karianna! I hadn't thought of that. I actually had no idea when I created it what it would be used for. I just had squares on the brain!

Does anyone else have ideas of what my templates can be used for? Go ahead and leave a comment, you just might inspire someone!

Tonight's Freebie is Template #140

(2 sizes included)

Click the preview to download

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Until next time...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Template # 139

It's been a weird/off day for me, and I'm at a loss for words. So, I will just get to your freebie.
Tonight's Freebie: Template #139

3 sizes included in the download

Click the preview to download

No hot linking please

I do have a question for you....

When you take a Landscape and turn it on end for a Portrait, Do we still call it a portrait here in scrap land? Just want to make sure I use the correct terms and labels for things.

Or do you not use them at all?

Thank you to everyone who has left comments! I read them multiple times through out the day. You lady's are the best!

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Template # 138

It Snowed!
We awoke to two inches of pretty, fluffy, white stuff. It's the third time it's snowed but the first time to get out the shovels and plows. So this morning my boyfriend the little one and I cleared snow from all our property's. I loved every moment of it except the cold, it was only 10 degrees out. After we finished we decided to take the rest of the day off.

We went shopping.

I'm beginning to get sick of this shopping crap. (I better finish soon or I'll be a Grinch by Christmas!) We finished everything up for the kids except the big man still has to figure out the big gift for the boy. We also bought some stuff for the kids geared more for skiing and we got the boy new basketball shoes.

Grabbed a quick late lunch from KFC and came home.

While the boyfriend and the little one took a nap this afternoon, I stayed busy. I did all the prep work for this years ornament gifts I'm making. I also finished up the brag books I have been working on. I will be sending those to the printer this weekend and I pick up the prints tomorrow that I need for the ornaments. Let's see laundry also managed to get done and put away! Getting kids to put laundry away around here is extremely rare and it drives me nuts!

Oh, and the boy had his third session of tutoring tonight. He is loving it and comes out all smiles and giggles when I pick him up. (he giggles like a little girl, hehe) The boyfriend was just about to serve dinner as we walked in the door tonight. I absolutely love that, he cooks! (He actually used to cook professionally before we met.) I bake, but I don't cook. I screw things up in a slow cooker! Ask for a cake, brownies or cookies and I'm your girl!

OK, Enough you say? Well I agree! Let's get to the freebie!

But first I have a layout to share with all of you, I know, I can be a tease.
I created this layout using my new kit Birthday Girl and my new Template #138.
This was our youngest second birthday back in October. She was very gentle removing the wrapping paper since we always tell her she has to be nice to paper in general.(school papers, books, ect.) It took some encouraging but she got it down and was ripping like a pro after just a couple of gifts!

Next up we have tonight's Template

This is freebie Template #138

Click the preview to download

And here is Birthday Girl, get her while you can!

Only available through Saturday!

Sorry this Kit is No longer Available

Please, no hot linking allowed

Share the blog not the file!

Until next time...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Template # 137

Freebie Template #137

Click the preview to download
(2 sizes included)
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Until next time...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Template and New Kit

Good evening everyone!
Today has been completly upside down for me and I don't even know where to begin so I'm gonna save you all the headach, and get straight to the point. Scrapping!

Tonight we have a wonderful layout sent in to us by Lori. Lori has used my Template # 111 and her totally awesome kit Slam Dunk. If you haven't checked out Lori's new kit you better hurry on over there! Slam Dunk is only available through this weekend! She has even turned her layout into a QP! You can visit Lori's blog by clicking here--> Lori's Blog
Thank you for sharing with us Lori!

Next up we have the first of tonight's freebies.
Template #136

(2 sizes included)

Click the preview to download

Our second freebie of the night is the most aggravating kit I have ever worked on. This whole thing is based on one piece of wrapping paper that one of my daughters birthday presents was wrapped in. I learned a lot in the two months I fought with this kit. Some good, some not so good.

Birthday Girl Freebie Kit

12 papers and 75 elements

Sorry This Kit is No Longer Available

No hot linking please

Your comments are always welcome. Good and bad, they all make me a better designer. Just don't get too nasty, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Have a good weekend,

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Template #135 and a QP

Good evening everyone. Hope you all are staying warm. It was 48 degrees here yesterday, but we received and inch and a half of snow over night, and today was just plain cold! We talked to my boyfriends mom today and our ski trip is planned for January 2! Now we just need a good snow pack at Winter Park. We also need to get the kids all geared up, We have cold weather gear but nothing for skiing!

Tonight we have a couple of layouts to share that were sent in by Michele. This first layout uses my Birthday Bash Page Kit. Here her son shows us his imagination in good use. I love to watch children play, don't you?
Next Michele used the Double Template from my Birthday Bash for this wonderful Snow Day. I have not seen that much snow in a looong time!
Michele has made her own papers for this layout and used an overlay by The Scrappin Cop on the background paper. I really like the effect the overlay gives the paper. Thank you Michele for sharing your layouts with us. It is always a joy to open my email and see I have a note or a layout from you.
Now on with the show...

We have two freebies for you tonight.
The first one is Template #135

The download includes 2 sizes

Click the preview to download

Our second freebie tonight is a QP that I made using my new kit "Birthday Girl"

The full kit "Birthday Girl" will be available to download this weekend.

Freebie Birthday Girl Quick Pick #1

Sorry This Item is No Longer Available

No hot linking please

Remember to leave some love if you download

Have a good night

Until next time...