Friday, January 28, 2011

Freebie Templates 268 and 269

Good Morning!

The first couple of days home were spent doing laundry and reading. I had bought the final Harry Potter book to read on the plane but never got around to more then a couple of chapters on the way home so I finished it up and got it out of my system. The little one spent the first two days home not feeling well. A bit of jet lag and a small fever kept her home from school.
Then this week I have been super busy working on Layouts! I have around 30 so far from our trip that are in various stages of completion. Those should start showing up here on the blog over the weekend or very early next week.

Yesterday I chaperoned my son's 5th grade class on a field trip to the Kirby Science and Discovery Center. We went rock climbing and Hang gliding and all sorts of fun stuff. I even saw my first ever IMax film. That was totally kick butt!

After we returned from that I headed over to the little ones classroom and spent the remainder of the day with them doing room parent stuff and I gave a 30 min talk about Hawaii and showed them a ton of pictures. The little one showed off her shells she collected at the beach and her hula skirt! At the end I gave each of the children there own postcard I made with a photo I took of Pearl Harbor.

It has been an absolutely crazy month! I'm so glad you all hung in there with me!
Thank You!

Does anyone know of a really good Military or Navy style kit that I could use to scrap my Pearl Harbor Photos? That's holding me up on those layouts. I have hunted through half a dozen stores for one. I found some totally awesome ones that I broke down and bought for all the beach and boat pictures, but nothing yet for the Pearl Pictures. Help Please!

I will be working on the p365 templates today, Saturday you should be able to download any that you have missed. Tonight we have bowling league for the oldest and the boy has a snowboarding lesson. Should be another long crazy Friday!

Today's Freebies
Template #268 - freebie

Template #269 - Freebie
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Yes folks I'm still with 4shared at least for the moment.

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Again...

Pearl Harbor
A very emotional day.

the view from 35,000 feet
This view struck me more then being on the rim.

The sun setting as we were making our final descent tonight coming home.
It was the perfect way to end our trip.
Better then what welcomed us on the ground. Snow! It was light then but it's been picking up steady all night. Anyone mind if I hop a plane and go back?! lol

I'll be getting to those broken p365 links in the next couple of days. If you all could remind me which ones they were it would help speed up the process instead of picking through the couple hundred emails I need to sort out.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Howdy Everyone!

I know I 'm not posting like usual and I know I said I would but it has been an absolutely crazy month so far.

First we had a death in the family (boyfriends cousin). Five years ago the doctors gave her a year to live (brain tumor). She did not let it get her down and she traveled the world helping others on mission trips. But the last 2-3 months she went down hill very fast. In the end it was best that she let go. She was only 24.

This coming Wednesday morning, I will be catching a flight out of this fridge *bleep* and heading out for a week in paradise. 3,793 miles and 13 hours later I will be landing in HAWAII!!!!! Yep a week in Hawaii! Oh I can not wait, I'm literally bouncing off the walls! I'm completely packed and the suitcase is already by the door and I still have two more days to wait. grr. The two older kids and the dog will be staying with grandpa. Thanks Grandpa! You totally rock!

The youngest and I will be the ones heading out. My boyfriend is already there, he flew out for the funeral. But because of the kids I stayed home and will only join him for the last week of the trip. Too much for Grandpa to deal with for a two week stretch. A week he can do but 2 is pushing the limits. The school is giving the youngest full credit for school and treating this trip like a giant field trip! We will be visiting Pearl Harbor and going to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We will also be going kayaking and taking a ride on a small catamaran amongst other things. Hopefully when I get back I will also have a personal surprise to share with you!

Anyone got any ideas on how to entertain a 4 year old for a 13 hour flight? Any suggestions are welcome! That's the only part that has me some what apprehensive. We are taking the personal DVD player but it only plays 1 movie per charge. So any ideas would be a great help!

In scrapping news I have been working on a new kit for you all inspired by the three blizzards we had here in December. Of course I'm calling it "Blizzard"! I had planned on getting that out to you this month, but right now with everything going on and packing and such I just don't have the ability to sit and concentrate on finishing it. When I get back that's the plan though to finish it up and get it out to you.

Also instead of doing P365 in the standard way, I'm going to do monthly review templates for you. I promise the first one of those to you by the end of the month. I'd like to release each months review template about the third week of each month. I also have some template packs in the works.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments. Those of you who have had issues with a few of the p365 templates, I will try and get them working before I fly the coop but if not, i will get to them asap when I get home. I know I said I was gonna pull them down at the end of the month but since we are having issues with a few and my time table over the next two weeks is crunched I will leave them up for a few extra weeks so we can make sure that those of you who want them can get them.

Well that's about it for now. I feel like I'm bouncing all over the place. I'm just a ball of nervous excitement! Oh how I wish Wednesday would get here!

Until next time....