Monday, November 30, 2009

Homespun Christmas Mini Kit Freebie

Choo Choo!
Once again it's Blog Train time!
The ladies and forum girls over at STS have really out done themselves this month with this Fabulous Train!
Click the preview to download

Leave some love if you download! ;)
Below you will find the links to all the fabulous folks who helped bring you this blog train.
Remember to be nice, and leave some love if you download, Santa knows who's Naughty and Nice!

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Becky aka SAHM Scrapper
The Scrappy Kat
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Thanks Everyone!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Freebie Double Template #56

We did good with our black Friday sales! All we have left to do is shop for the teen and for Grandpa. There is two stores that I have to be up and early for shopping on Saturday. I hope I never have to partake in this madness again! I do not find crowds or shopping in general to be enjoyable.
I'm taking tonight off from designing, but I have plans for template making over the weekend and then Monday I will start back in on the Fan kits.

Don't forget you have until Monday night to get those Country Living Lo's in!

Freebie Double Template #56
Click the preview to download
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Thanks everyone for all the comments! You are the best!
Until next time...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freebie White Sox Fan Kit

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Ours is about to get started here any minute!
After my early morning shopping trip I had a little time to sit down and finish up the White Sox Fan Kit for You! While it was uploading I got the turkey in the oven and two salad's made!
My shopping trip you ask? I managed to get about half of what I was after. Not to bad really.
Happy shopping to all you black Friday shoppers! I'll be out there with you this year!

White Sox Fan Kit Freebie
Click the preview to download
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Please leave some love if you download.
Thank you for all your comments!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Project 365 Week 48 Template Freebie

Evening All!
It has been a very busy day here. We totally cleaned house! Other then the obvious hole in the built in where Cisco's (our pet rat) cage will be, there is no signs of a construction zone anywhere! The little one helped me bake an apple pie this afternoon. She had fun stirring the sliced apples into the other ingredients and then layering them in the crust for me. The boy helped with the pumpkin pie and the oldest helped this evening with the Ginger Snap cookies. While the pies had there turn in the oven I snuck in a few minutes of designing. Look for the White Sox Fan Kit in the next few days!

Tomorrow it will be up and at em early! Going shopping for those Thanksgiving deals! The kids will be going home with grandpa after our family dinner so that my boyfriend and I can hit the Black Friday sales. Saturday will also bring another early morning shopping spree!
Tonight, Mary has sent in these terrific layouts for our "Country Living" Challenge.
Oh what a cutie with the hats! My little one loves hats too!

Template # 188

This doe also decided to visit the museum also while they were there!

Double Template # 32 (Side A, turned 90 degrees to the right)

There is still a few days left to get your layouts in using "Country Living"! If you submit a layout using "Country Living" before the end of the month you will receive this Template 3 pack! Each Template comes in three sizes in psd and psp formats!

Where has the year gone?
Tonight's Freebie Project 365 Week 48 Template
Click the preview to download

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Thanks Everyone!


Until next time...

Phillies Fan Kit Freebie

Freebie Phillies Fan Kit
Click the preview to download
Click Here to see the previews of all the available Fan Kits and Download links.
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Please leave some love if you download.
I have had a few questions about the adds.
The adds are located right under the most recent post . The adds rotate and change on there own I have no control over what they show or when. If this offends some of you, I'm sorry. Adds are controlled by AdSense and are a part of Google like Blogger is.
See you tonight for our P365.
Until next time...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yankees World Series Add On Freebie!

Last night after I posted I worked on my latest Private Kit and managed to finish that up and while I was waiting for it to upload I started in on your Yankees World Series Add On. I was on a roll with it and stayed up till 2 am!
I awoke this morning with a nasty headache. After I got everyone off to school and the little one settled in with an old home movie, I took a couple of aspirin and laid back down for half an hour. When I got up again it was completely gone! Today turned out to be very productive! The little one spent most of the morning sitting with me at the computer desk. She practiced her letters and we read stories while I was waiting for actions to run. After lunch she laid down and watched a movie while I finished up today's freebie!
Freebie Yankees WS Fan Kit
Click the preview to download
Click Here to see the previews of all the available Fan Kits and Download links.
No hot linking please
Please leave some love if you download.
I can hear the boy coming in now so I better get off here and get our long holiday weekend started! See you Wednesday for P365!
Until next time...
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Freebie Template # 221

Once again we roll around to Monday and the start of another week! Hope yours was a good one. Mine had it's ups and downs. Service engine soon light came on in the van/downer, but got a couple of Christmas deals on some gifts today/upper!


I'm finding I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. Even more so then last year. I know it has more to do with fiances then anything else. Oh don't get me wrong, Christmas will happen, just a little thinner then last years tightening of the belt. If it weren't for the recent vandalism on one of our properties and the stolen laptop... well those two happening so close to Christmas hit us hard. Sorry I'm being such a Scrooch! Does anyone know of some good family friendly holiday music that might help lift my spirits? As the saying goes" When Mom ain't happy ain't nobody happy!" I don't want one of those kinds of Holiday Seasons! I want the Happy one! I'm hosting both holidays for my family again this year!

How about we move on to our current blog goodies?
For our "Country Living" Challenge, Robin has scrapped this spectacular view to share with us all!

Template by Scarletheels
You can still get in on the Country Living Challenge!

All you need to do is scrap a Layout using my latest kit "Country Living" and send it to me at: campster5 @ hotmail (dot) com

In return you will receive this template pack! Pack includes three templates that each come in three sizes. That's a total of 9 templates if you use all the sizes! This also includes both psd files and psp files!

You can find all the links to "Country Living" on the right side of the blog under "Available Kits".


Now it's time for our Monday Single Template!

Freebie Template #221

Click the preview to download

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If you like freebies and I know you do! Stop by Digifree for a wonderful freebie listed that is updated daily!
Until next time...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Freebie Double Template #55

It's Friday, It's Friday, TGIF!
Wow what a crazy week it has been!
Let's see here, Thursday I did get a bit of design time in and started on the Yankees World Series Fan kit for you all. It should be posted around Thanksgiving time.

I also finished up the laundry. My little one surprised me so much with the laundry! I had carried a basket full of clean socks, undies, and other bleach able items out to the living room. I came back to reload the dryer before folding the basketful. This is when my little one stepped up and took over! She sorted and "attempted" to fold the entire basket! She carried her brothers things to his room and placed them on his bed for him to put away when he got home. Then she took her older teen sisters stuff and opened the door and just tossed the clean clothes in! I was practically rolling on the floor laughing. I think 95% of her clothes are scattered all over the floor in there. I have had the argument with her so many times about keeping her room picked up and clothes kept nice so they last to no avail. I have pretty much decided to let her live in the filth. How long can it last? It has gone on longer then I thought it would. I'm starting to think she really don't care. I think the little one has even gotten the message about that room! Just toss it in and hope for the best! The door won't even open all the way!

After we finished putting the laundry away she watched a video while I washed dishes. I was half way done drying when she came marching in demanding that I leave and let her dry! I finished all the glass items and knifes and let her finish drying the silverware. The only time she asked for me to come back in was when she wanted to know if the big serving spoon went with the big spoons (Tablespoons). I pointed out where it went, and she said "Thank you, you can go now"! Come on she's three! I'm not ready for this!

After dinner we had the boys first basketball game of the season. We lost 45 - 15 but it's not exactly fair when your team only has seven kids and one don't show up. 5 on the court and one resting. the boys sure do get tired! We played a team that had 11 on there team! I don't understand why, but we play five 8 minute quarters. Five? Don't quarters mean 4? or is this some new fandagled math? The boys had fun and that is what matters most! Although I think we might need to make our boy run some sprints and learn what running is, instead of running, he skips down the court! Even the coach hollered a few times for him to hurry up and get in position!

Today was design day! Oh was I on a roll! and as I was designing I received a few layouts in my email! Love em, Love em, Love em! Every time a new one came in it spurred me on today! It was a happy happy day! The little one you ask? She was out spending time with Dad! When they did come home she was tired and went right down for nap! That gave me two more hours to design! I was going so strong that I found it hard to stop and make diner tonight. While everyone else sat at the table to eat I brought my dinner in to the computer so i could keep working!

After dinner we headed to Grandpa's house to work on a couple of pieces for Cisco's new cage. Tomorrow we assemble everything! After spending a little over an hour there we headed off to Basketball practice. I left the girls with grandpa while we went to practice. The coach had them all run sprints! Start at the end of the court run to free throw line and back then to the half court and back then the other free throw... you get the idea. He had them do this twice and boy were they huffing and puffing. All in all it was a good practice. They worked an a few screens and on there ball handling skills. When it was over we headed back to grandpa's and hung out for a bit before coming home.

Well I just realized I did not upload my images to blogger before I started typing. From past experience this means that once I do load them my spacing is going to be all messed up! Drat!

Here we go let's get to those fabulous layouts!

Check it out!
Michele has used Tonight's Double Template #55 for her layouts!
The kit for the first two is my portion of the Morning Solitude Blog Train (STS).
Kit: My Heritage by RhonDogg
Zora sent in this fun layout for our monthly Participation Challenge.
Kit: Girls R Us by Lindsay Jane
Date Wheel: As The Days Turn by Danielle Corbitt
Connie sent this one in for our Country Living Challenge! She said that this photo was taken near Rosslyn Chapel which is mentioned in The Di Vinci Code.
Jessica sent this cutie layout in of her chicken err I mean hen, Goldie.
Goldie could be the twin of one of our hens from when I was a child. Her name was Red. Very original I know!

Nanscraps sent this beautiful Layout in. I love all the elements and the papers all layered together to make up this wonderful scene! What a gorgeous horse!
A REALLY BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of you ladies tonight! You made my day! Watching them come rolling in one after another like that was a blast! Thank You!
If you enjoyed our layouts tonight it's not to late to get in on the deal. All you need to do is download my Latest Kit "Country Living", scrap a layout with it and send it in before the end of the month! You can find my email on the right side in the about me section.
Here is what you will get in return for participating in the "Country Living Challenge"

Finally tonight we wind down with our Freebie Double Template #55
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
While your in the clicking mood, Why don't you stop by and check out Digifree!
A great new freebie list every day!
Thanks again everyone! You make me smile!
Until next time...
(most of the spacing held!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freebie Project 365 Week 47 Template

Howdy All!
How's your week going?
Busy busy around here this week! Yesterday was a full day and last night the oldest had her Fall Orchestra Concert. That made for a late night with the little one. I must admit if it was not for the little program flier thingy I would have had no clue as to what they were playing. I'm just not into Wolfgang and Bach and all the others. Wish I was, but I'm not.

Yesterday I also managed to finish up the first of the two Christmas kits. I'm struggling with them this year, I'm just not in the Christmas mood yet. When the snow flies I'll get in the mood. Hard to be thinking of Christmas when it's in the 50's out! Normally we would have snow by now but the last storm came up short and missed us again! We had three or four of those last spring that were suppose to hit us but stoped just short. Next week we have another small chance at a storm system but it's a bit to early to tell yet.

I was able to spend a couple of hours working on the private request kits this morning. I finished up all the papers and am now starting the elements for them. Then I read what felt like a library to the little one! OK OK so it was only about an hours worth, but I think I now have a few more of them memorized! Some of the books have the pages falling out we have read them so many times!

The boy had a Dentist appointment at 12:30 and while I took him to that, Dad took the little one to the eye doctor with him to pick out new frames for his glasses. After they were done they headed to the park. I meet up with them at home again after I dropped the boy back off to school. While she napped, I did the dishes and got most of the laundry done. When the other two came home from school she woke up and it was time to do home work. As the older ones do there school work the little one draws and practices her letters.

After dinner tonight while the kids did there daily reading I tore apart my built in, in our living room. Need to remodel it so Cisco's new cage will fit. So I took the fish tank out and am thinking about putting it in a different place. It's only a 30 gallon but it fits in here a lot better then the big 55 gallon one I have in storage. Cisco should be able to investigate her new cage this weekend sometime.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some good quality design time in, I don't have anything planed except the boy has his first basketball game of the season in the evening.

Now that I have rambled on and on about all sorts of things how about we get down to the nitty gritty and check out what our readers have been up to!
Congratulations Girl! Keep it up your doing great!P365 Week 36 Template Side B
Family gatherings are always a lot of fun!
I agree children grow up way way to fast!
Don't forget you can still get your 3 pk of Templates! All you need to do is submit a Layout (in email) using my latest kit "Country Living" Challenge closes at the end of the month!
Thank you to those of you have responded with your wishes for next years P365 templates!
Your input is greatly appreciated!
For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about scroll back to Mondays post. I have a few questions about the P365 series.
Project 365 Week 47 Freebie Template
Click the preview to download
No hot linking Please

Don't for get to check out Digifree's list of freebies!

Until next time...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freebie Template #220

Evening Everyone!
So how was your Monday?
Not to bad round here, gorgeous day out really. First client was at ten this morning and then we replaced a broken window at one of our properties. The little one wanted to help so bad I gave her a hammer and turned her lose tapping in all the lose nails in the deck. I hate building things with nails just for that reason, they always work themselves lose over time (we did not build it). She had fun, no fingers were whacked, it kept her out of the broken glass and as far as I could tell she got darn near all of them! Thank you little one for being a big help today! Who knows maybe the kids will actually read this some day?!

This afternoon we headed to grandpa's house where I spent a couple of hours following the tiller around the garden. Oh man there was a lot of stuff to till in! corn stalks, pumpkins from Halloween, leaves and grass clippings (this past years mulch), even a few carrots and onions that got missed during the harvest. We also have bags and bags and bags of leaves stored for next spring to use as mulch around the plants. They work great and at the end of the season we just till them in!

Yes I am feeling much better today! I think it was lack of sleep more then anything. I seem to just crash and burn about once every three to 4 weeks. Yes I know, that is bad to do. I think it is part of my go go go personality. I can't sit still with out having some thing to do, and when I do lay down to go to sleep my mind continues on at full throttle! Most nights I don't go to bed till 2 or 3 am. Some times later, it all depends on if I'm on a roll designing or worrying about one thing or another. Oh yeah that's another thing, I'm a huge worry wort! I know, it's getting to be a bit to much info!

Currently I'm working on two private request kits and the two Christmas Kits that I'm participating in this year (release dates listed on the side of the blog) so the next Fan Kit might be a bit. But I promise I will get to the Yankees World Series one as soon as I can. I spent what little time I had on the computer over the weekend making templates so that those can remain on schedule. Speaking of templates. How many of you think you will be continuing or will be starting Project 365 in 2010? Would you like me to keep this series going? If so, would you like to see Double Templates again or Single pages for the new year?

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and feed back on the Country Living Kit! I had a ton of fun creating it! There are a few things about it I would like to change but most of that will come with practice and time. I think my favorite element is the wagon wheel with the fence post and flowers. I spent a ton of time figuring out how to weave those flowers in and out of that wagon wheel! But I think it was well worth it and next time it won't be so difficult.

Tonight we have the first "Country Living" Layouts that have been sent in.


These three ladies will be receiving this 3 pack of templates!
You can get a copy to! All you need to do is email me a Layout made using my latest kit "Country Living"! You can find my email in the "About Me" section under "My Links" on the right side of the blog.
Each of these three templates comes in 3 sizes!
psd and psp files.

And of course it's Monday!
Hold on!........ Cisco just ran off with my spare camera battery!
Ok back.
She is running around on my desk keeping me company tonight.
I still need to install the hinges and latches for the new cage doors. Also need to install the different levels for her to climb around and play on. It is 40" tall, 30" wide and 18" deep.

Ok back to Monday!
Freebie Template #220
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please

Don't forget to stop by Digifree for a great new freebie list every day!

Alright time to go put a couple of hours in on the kits.
Until next time...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Freebie Country Living Alpha

Last part everyone!
I hope you have enjoyed this kit I know I had a lot of fun bringing it to you!
Don't forget that everyone who sends in a layout this month using my new kit "Country Living" will receive a 3 pk of templates!
Sorry folks i really do have more to say but I'm not feeling all that terrific tonight and am heading off to bed as soon as i finish this post. :(
Tonight is Freebie Country Living Alpha!
Complete upper and lower alpha with numbers 0-9.
Also included is 10 different punctuation marks.
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Until next time...
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Freebies~ Country Living part 6 and Double Template #54

Good Evening Everyone!
First off to night I have had a few questions that I need to answer.

Fan Kits include Collage and Pro Sports. Please see this post for previews and download links of all the available Fan Kits. Please note when downloading, some kits have more then one download. Also there is now 3 pages of kit links, kits are listed alphabetical. Please leave your comments and requests here on the blog, Media fire does not accept them.

Private Kits such as the high School ones take precedence over blog kits, I promise to have the templates on there given schedule or as close as possible. But the Fan kits get done as I have time to do them, usually late at night.

My email is in the "about me" section on the right side of the blog under "my links". I know that this is a pain but I like to keep it hidden from the spammers other wise I would put it right out here for you all.

For you rat lovers! Cisco is doing great! She has doubled in size! Very curious about everything and runs back to me when ever she gets uneasy about something. She is also very destructive! She has chewed her way out of one store bought cage, (in the course of just one night) and has figured out how to manipulate the door latch on another! She is one smart little cookie! Currently she is in a ten gallon tank with a steal lid with holes drilled in so that so she can't escape in the next few days! I'm building her a cage this time. It will be about the size of a three shelf bookcase but a bit deeper when I am done. Spent three hours this evening working on it. When it's finished I'll show you a few pics. She is also a picky eater. Well not really I guess, she eats some pelleted variety. But it's with treats, I have yet to find one she likes other then the sunflower seeds out of the bird food! Back when I first got her someone said something about biscuits for her and to watch her try and jump with one. What kind of Biscuits? If you don't mind sharing a little rattie info. :)

The birds~ I'll just say they know what they like and what they don't like! I made the mistake of buying the wrong type of bird seed for them. Well not the wrong type just the wrong brand or flavor then what they like! When I fill the feeders all they do is throw the seed all over the floor and the bottom of the cage until the feeder is empty, then they holler at me to refill the feeder! I bought another type today and mixed them together so far so good.

I also have a three pack of templates for everyone who sends in a LO using my new "Country Living" Kit before the end of the month!

Ok that's enough reading for tonight! If I think of anything else I'll post it tomorrow night.

Tonight's "Country Living" inspiration layout comes to us from Michele!
And being that it is Friday I also have your Freebie Double Template #54 for you!
Click the preview to download

Finally but certainly not least,
Freebie "Country Living" Part 6

Click the preview to download

Don't forget to stop back Saturday night to pick up the Alpha!
no hot linking please

Until next time...
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Country Living ~ Part 5 Freebie

Howdy all!
So glad you folks are liking the "Country Living" Kit! Tonight I have another surprise to share with you all! So are you ready? Well let's get to it then!
Tonight's layout was created by my dear friend Simona ~
Now that you have been inspired, how about your surprise! Simona made this fantastic Desk Top to share with you all! Click on her preview to go to her blog and pick this wonder gift up! While your there you will also find some awesome paper packs that she has been designing and giving out as freebies!

You all back from visiting Simona? I hope you all remembered to leave some love for her! :)

Now since I'm sure you just can't wait any longer.....

Part 5 of our freebie kit "Country Living"!
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
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Until next time...

Georgia Bulldogs Fan Kit Freebie

Good Morning Everyone!
First off I'd like to say Thank You to all of you who commented, and sent emails with all sorts of Birthday Greetings! Thank You all so very very much!
I had no idea I had so many scrap friends!
Thank You!
It turned out to be a pretty good day all in all. I cleaned house and worked on a couple of kits for a bit in the morning and then I headed over to Grandpa's in the afternoon. To my surprise the kids and him had put together a little family party!
My boyfriend had forgotten to wish me a happy birthday when I had talked to him on the phone that morning and OMG did he surprise me! He was not supposed to be home until really late that night but he got home just before I got home from Grandpa's! We enjoyed a nice relaxing evening catching up on all that had gone on while he was away and we even did our customary steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Love the place but can't afford it very often so we save it for special occasions.
This morning I have the Georgia Bulldogs Fan Kit Freebie for you!
Click the preview to download
You can Click Here to see the previews and download links of all the available Fan Kits!
no hot linking please
If you download a thank you is always appreciated.
Until next time...
Don't forget to stop by Digifree! There is a new freebie list every day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freebies ~ Country Living Part 4 and P365 Week 46 Template

Evening Everyone!
We have a fabulous LO by Simona tonight using the new kit "Country Living"!
Tonight we have part 4 of our "Country Living" Freebie kit for you all.
I hope you have been enjoying it!
Click the preview to download Part 4 of "Country Living".
Also tonight we have our Freebie P365 Week 46 Template
Click the preview to download the p365 Week 46 Freebie Template
No hot linking please
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Until next time...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Country Living Freebie ~ part 3

Good morning Everyone!
Yep I'm posting this early today. It's my birthday, so I can do as I please :P
The kids are at grandpa's and the boyfriend is out of town. I got the whole place to myself!
Honestly I don't know how I feel about spending my birthday alone. It is just another day but at the same time it's nice to have it recognized in some way. oh well enough of the pity party!
I have another Lo to share with you all that Simona has done using the new "Country Living" kit.

"Country Living" Part3 Freebie
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please

Don't forget to stop by Digifree to get your freebie fix!

Until next time...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Freebies ~ Country Living part 2 and Template #219

Evening Everyone!
Welcome to Country Living part 2!
Check out what Simona did with "Country Living"!

This kit is so large that I have broken it down into 7 parts. Each day starting last night a new part will be made available. Each days download will contain both papers and elements and on the 7th day you will receive the alpha! The preview you will see each night corresponds with that days download. This kit is only available for a limited amount of time so get it now while you can! If you missed last nights download you can still scroll back and get it! When you have collected the full kit you will have 27 Papers, 65 Elements and a full Alpha!

Freebie "Country Living" part 2

Click the preview to download

I didn't forget about our regularly scheduled freebie!

Freebie Template #219

Click the preview to download

no hot linking please

Please leave some love if you download :)

Don't for get to stop by Digifree for a wonderful list of freebies!

Until next time...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Country Living Kit Freebie ~ Part 1

Good Evening Everyone!
Tonight I have a special treat for you.
I have always considered myself a country girl trapped in the city. Growing up I lived on an acreage just outside of town. The neighbors had horses and we raised chickens (frier's) every year. We also kept hens for eggs and of course a rooster. Since my child hood our town has quadrupled in size and has become the "City". Our acreage is now a subdivide housing development! My latest kit called "Country Living" was inspired by my years growing up on the acreage. I had so much fun making this kit that it turned out huge! The full kit has 27 Papers, 65 Elements and a full Alpha!
But before we get any farther I'll show you the Layout I did for last months Font Challenge over at STS. Oh and guess what! Stuff to Scrap is also having a scrap challenge every day along with there regular challenges this month! Also if you check out the STS blog they are having a download a day! Each download is only available for 24 hours!
OK, back to the layout! Here I used "Country Living" along with Template #217. The photos are just of a few things I found driving just outside our current "city limits".
This kit is so large that I have broken it down into 7 parts. Each day starting tonight a new part will be made available. Each days download will contain both papers and elements and on the 7th day you will receive the alpha! The preview you will see each night corresponds with that days download. This kit is only available for a limited amount of time so get it now while you can!
Freebie Country Living Kit ~ part 1
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!
I'll give you all a bit of an update in the next day or two. For those of you who have commented or sent emails wondering whats up and how the new family members are doing, Thank you! Been crazy busy around here! In the mean time I will just say that we are all doing good!
Until next time...

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cubs Fan Kit Freebie

Freebie Cubs Fan Kit
Click the preview to download
Or you can Click Here to view all the available Fan Kits.
Please leave some love if you download. I spend about 15 hours on each of these Fan Kits. The number of downloads vs the number of comments on just the Fan Kits leaves a whole lot to be desired. If you want these to remain free, leave some love.
No hot linking please
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Until next time...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Double Template #53 Freebie

Freebie Double Template #53

Click the preview to download

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If you download please leave some love :) I truly appreciate it when you do!

Until next time...

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