Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Template Freebie

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

We are preparing for our family reunion that we will be attending this coming weekend. We have family coming from as far away as Hawaii! The reunion is Friday thru Sunday but our relatives from the Denver area are coming in a day early and staying a day later so we can all hang out and grandma and grandpa can play with the kids more.

Unfortunately I have to drive to Kansas city on Friday and will be back sometime Saturday morning. So a good day and a half is gone of the reunion for me. We have a big dinner planned for Saturday night that we have 37 people attending. The reunion itself will have upwards of 50 people. OK enough blab you get the picture, I'll be gone for a few days.

Here is a template that I made a few days after my surgery.

It reflects my mood of that day.

Stitches and holes and out of sorts.

Template # 106

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template is square at the top and for now on I'll try not to use white on the edge of the pages!

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Until next time...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the mend

Finally I can say I am on the mend.

I hate to say that the surgery day was as horrible as I thought it was going to be and then it went to a whole new level. It has been confirmed and documented that i do not do anesthesia very well. I happen to be 1 of the surgical center's more extreme cases in reaction. The good and bad part is I don't remember it.

What I do remember is:

Arriving at surgical center practically falling a part i was such a nervous wreck.

Talked to the Doctor before surgery but was practically hysterical.

Nurse injected liquid Valium up my nose to calm me. burned like hell. more anxiety

Standing at the sink rinsing my mouth, felt like i was going to pass out and nurse said sit down.

next thing was a sharp jab of the iv going into my arm." damn that hurt" I said

then i was at the pharmacy

then at home

The bad part about all of this is apparently I was very nasty and hysterical even after I came to at the doctors but I have no memory of it. They said I was awake and talking when they discharged me but again i have no memory of it.

I do remember it was 10: 10 am just before the Doctor came in to talk before surgery.

The next time i remember actually remember anything it was after 3pm and I was at home.

My receipt says I was at the pharmacy at 1pm.

To me this is all very scary. To not have any clue as to what i did or said yet be fully conscious. Not a good thing.

(Don't worry I had an escort, I wasn't out wandering the city alone. lol)
I was so out of it after ward that i have no clue what they told me afterward so I went in this past Tuesday to talk to them and apologized for what ever it was that I did.

I learned that that I am 1 of just a few extreme cases per year and that they don't hold it against me.

I learned that I was beginning to heal nicely and the Doctor reminded me I'm not as young as I once was and that healing may be slower then expected.

But, of course there is always a but somewhere, I will defiantly have to have at least one bone graft to rebuild my upper jaw. When they were extracting the teeth the bone was just crumbling away and had to remove more to get back to healthy tissue. so some time after the first of the year I will be going in for bone grafts. From what I understand so far, they will take the bone from my ribs.

But in the mean time I have to have some root canals done on what few teeth we were able to save or should I say "trying" to save.

Other wise I wait and heal until I go back for an evaluation in two months.

Thank you for all the well wishes and for all the comments on the freebies. I have read them multiple times over the last week. It sure helps knowing I'm not the only one who has fears of the dentist, and they give me the courage and inspiration to continue. Thank You!

Here is the long awaited freebie

Template #105

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Until next time...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nerves and a Template

My nerves are getting the best of me tonight. I have become restless and I know the pacing will soon begin. On an up note the hostilities around here have come to a cease fire.

I hope to be back in a couple of days but it all depends on how much my eyes swell shut. They plan on rebuilding the front upper part of my mouth and the damage to my sinuses from all the untreated abscesses I have had. It's amazing the damage that can be done by a few bad teeth.

Here is the promised freebie for tonight:

Template # 104

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Until next time...


Well tomorrow is the big day. At least to me it is. My Fiance and I have been fighting alot the last few days. The closer the day gets the worse the fights. I am terrified and it's getting worse, I only got 3 hours sleep last night and 4 the night before. Constant nightmares about not waking up tomorrow. And it does not help matters when all he has to say is" stop worrying it will be fine".
my grandfather is staying with the kids while I'm gone and then he is going to stay while I recover so my fiance doesn't have to. To me that part is wrong, he shouldn't have to do that, my fiance should be staying with me but at this point I don't really know if I would want him to stay.

OK sorry, I needed to vent before I blew a gasket! lol

I know it's 1/3 fear, 1/3 anger at him for the lack of caring, 1/3 frustration with all of it.

I'll be back this evening with a new template for you all!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! They mean more to me then you'll ever know.
Thank you!
Right now I think there the only thing getting me through all this. Thank you all for all your kind words.

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dentist and Template

I awoke this morning with NO pain where the extraction was! However the tooth right next to it was just a throbbing away. Yesterday I had set up an appointment for this Friday to get all my x-rays taken care of, but around 9 am my dentist called and said they had a cancellation and if I would like to do them today I could. So today found me in the dental chair yet again.

Unfortunately she brought out the nice array of all there metal scraping tools and hooks. And the panic attack began! As soon as I mumbled "panic attack, sit me up!" She sat me up in a hurry and in came 2 of her assistants. It only took me a few minutes to get myself calmed down but before I would let her go near me I made her promise she would not touch my front upper teeth (They had bumped the throbbing one during the x-rays and the pain about sent me through the roof.)

But we survived and all in all it was not that bad.

Except that next Wednesday mourning I get to report for same day surgery, to remove a few more bad teeth.

And now since you have made it this far, I do have a freebie for you!

Template # 103

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Until next time...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fear and a Template

What a miserable couple of days. Over the weekend I developed a bad tooth ache. On Monday it felt like someone was holding a live electric wire to it. Constant zapping pain that would shoot up into my nose and out into my upper cheek. In the last 6 months I have had two abscesses and knowing what would be coming in a few days, I was practically beside myself. And to my dismay my dentist was closed for a long weekend. By noon I had had enough and called my dentist at home. She was so awesome! Within 15 min she had called in a prescription for pain meds and antibiotics for me! And by the time I got home from picking up the prescription her scheduling person was calling me to set up an appointment to have the tooth pulled, today! What an awesome crew!
My appointment was for 5pm and by 4pm I was so worked up and nervous about going that I was really getting sick to my stomach. As soon as I arrived they called me back and did the x-rays and the doctor came in right away, I was so impressed! 3 x-rays later we ready to get started, I have never had a tooth pulled that I was awake during (wisdom teeth I was knocked out for) so the Dentist explained everything that she was going to do.

During a past dental experience many many years ago I had a tooth reconstructed with only Novocaine as a pain killer and the Novocaine did not work.
I think this is where my fear of dentist began.

The dentist gave me two different kids of Novocaine and then after she started she saw we tighten up so she stopped and gave me another dose of the one kind. 10 min later the tooth was out! A bit of pulling and pushing type pressure but no pain! Well 1 tiny spot that lasted only a few seconds. At that point they said take a deep breath and then it was all over.

From the time I walked into there office to the time I walked out was 35 minutes.

Now I sit here and play with the hole with my tongue I know I shouldn't but it sure is hard not to play with it.

And for those of you who wonder why I talk about this topic so much but say so little about anything else, Well it's a type of therapy if you would say. I suffer from anxiety and have panic attacks so bad they have landed me in the hospital. I used to hide and bury all my worries and fears but slowly I am learning to let go.

This is a way for me to deal with my fears and also to learn from you wonderful people.

The comments you leave, mean so much to me. Everything from the simple thank yous to those of you who share your stories with me, you have no idea how much I appreciate all of them.

Thank you!

Now if you have made it this far I do have a freebie for you. I wish I had more tonight but from the above I think you'll understand that I didn't get much done the last couple of days.

Template # 102

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Until next time...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pyro Kit

Hope everyone had a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Here is just one of a couple of layouts I did over the weekend using my new kit Pyro.
Kit includes:
10 papers and 34 elements
not all items shown

Sorry this kit has retired

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Until next time...

Pyro QP Freebie

Pyro QP

Link Expired

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Until next time...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Busy, Busy...

Oh my, have we been busy! Last week we had two dental appointments and two birthdays to celebrate and this week it has been the eye Doctor, the dentist and back to the dentist again in the mourning. I had know idea how much prep work there is in getting braces. The way things look our oldest will be getting her braces about 1 week before school starts. and about a week after the kids go back to school I will begin having my dental work done. I have been putting mine off for a couple of years now.
I'll tell you more about what mine is when the time gets closer, for now we will leave it at, I have not seen a dentist in over 16 years, I'm terrified of them!

Anyway, enough blab, lets get to the freebie or is there 2 tonight?

Template # 100

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Template #101

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Sea Brezzes Kit

Kit contains:

8 papers and 26 elements

There are 2 downloads make sure you get them both to get the complete kit

Sorry this item is no longer available.

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Until next time...