Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Evening Everyone!

Just thought I'd pop in and share a layout I received the other day. Oh, and guess what? I did one two!
Simona sent in this wonderful layout of her family' fur babies.
I think the one in the middle Schizzo is the one we have seen in some previous layouts. He has such wonderful markings! LuLu looks a lot like our Kittie Ashes that passed away last fall. A dainty little princess. (I'm guessing on the he and she parts) Thank you for sharing Simona!

Template #1 from the 100,000 Hits Grab Bag that is unfortunately no longer available.


I took these photos of our youngest of Friday afternoon. She was so excited about going to great grandpa's house to spend the night that she was packed and ready, hours, before it was time to go!

Getting Eggy Mini Kit, by me

Double Template#19 Side A, by me

One last little bit of information. If you have not downloaded Twilight yet, may I suggest you do so soon. It will be retiring this Sunday evening!

I only have one more set of layouts to share. If anyone would be willing to share some I'd really appreciate it! Besides you get a template gift just for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by!

New freebie on Wednesday!

Until next time...

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light said...

You got it right! Schizzo is the cat of some previous layouts. Being only 4 months old he is the most photographed of them all. And Lulu, you got her, too! She's a wonderful elegant mature female cat! You should see some more pics of her where she really shows how beautiful she is. Not to be bad to the other ones who are really nice too, but Lulu is honestly the most beautiful cat we've ever had! Ugh time to go home!!