Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reader layouts

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening what ever it is in your neck of the woods! OK so I'm being a bit silly tonight. Yep it's a little after midnight here and I'm still chuckling about Friday mornings antics.

Grandpa was supposed to pick the oldest up at 7:30 to take her to school (Van issues previous posts). At 7:45 I called him no answer, figured he was driving and on his way. 2 min later he calls and says he is on is way. 5 min to 8 still no grandpa. 8 o'clock call him again, he is sitting at the store next to the high school. He is waiting for me to go by so he can pick me up at the mechanic shop. Oh No that's Monday not Friday! OK at this point there is no more time to wait. I told him just to go home and I'd run her to school with the van. There is no way he could get from there to our place and to the school in time!

OK everyone is loaded in the van and we are almost to school, my phone rings! Grandpa locked his keys in the truck! So after dropping her off I had to pick him up so we could go get his spare set at his place. We pull up to his place and he asked for my garage door remote. (I have one of his for emergence's etc. ) I don't have the remote in the van it's in my broken down car. (Tells you how often I need it.) Grandpa then asks how we plan to get in, I told him I did have my house key as long as the screen door wasn't locked. But of course it was! So off to my place to get that garage door remote! Got it and got back to his place. He couldn't find the key and that took a bit. Finally we were able to find them and went back to get the truck. What should have been a really easy morning for me turned into a lot of nerve racking driving! From start to finish it was over an hour and a half! But all is well that ends well! The girl made it to school in time, we found the keys, and the van held up! So that is all good! On the way back to grandpas after getting the remote we were laughing about it already!

The only temporary downside was every time we pulled away from Grandpa's house the youngest would have a fit that she wanted to stay at grandpas. After getting home and having breakfast all was right in her world again.

Alright you guys don't really come here to read my lame stories, but hey that's my life, as lame as it may be sometimes!

Tonight we have a few layouts to show.
Our first one this evening is sent in by Linda. Linda was very kind in pointing out that some how I missed her layout in march. I am so sorry Linda! Thank you so much for letting me know! I ask for them and then misplace them! Not a good thing and I am very sorry. If anyone else has sent in a layout and has not seen it yet please let me know! These are the last ones I have.
Isn't she a cutie!

Linda has used:
Springtime Friends Kit also by me for her layout.
Thank you Linda!
These next two layouts were sent in to us from Debbie. Sure looks like a lot of fun was had by all! What a fantastic job on the extractions in the this first layout! Wow!

Art work Debbi extracted herself.
Sample Double LS Template Side B (altered)

kit is Moonchild by Bel Vidotti

Well that is the last of the layouts you the readers have sent in! If you have any you would be willing to share please drop me a note!

Come back Sunday night for more goodies and a new Mega Kit!
Until next time...

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