Friday, April 17, 2009

Update and QP

Morning everyone!
I intended to post this last night but instead I stretched out on the couch and fell asleep watching the TV. I took our van in to my "Family" Mechanic to get a second opinion and estimate, other then just the dealership. I call him the Family mechanic because I have known him since I was a kid and he was just getting his start working for my Dad.
Anyway after he put it up on the lift and his employees stoped staring because I was in the shop beyond the employee only sign. Sorry, I helped build the shop, I will do as I please. Besides growing up in an auto shop you learn whats safe and not. There is good news and bad news.
Good news is only one set of ball joints actually are bad. the dealership was pushing to do all 4. But the bad is the dealer only wanted to fix part of my steering problem, Gordy discovered that it was the steering linkage not just the steering arm that is going bad. So it got cheaper with fixing the ball joints and more expensive on the steering problem. The most pressing problem is the left side ball joints, so much so that he says one good pot hole could take that side out! So Monday morning the van is going in to have those ball joints fixed! It will be a little less then 400 bucks. He says the steering would be good for a year or so and that as long as the ball joints are done it will be safe to take our trip! Yea!!!!! The steering will be fixed after we get back. He compared it to steering an old 1947 tractor! So that's the good the bad and the ugly!
Now how about something pretty!
Lori over at Scraps n Pieces put this wonderful QP together using one of my templates. Honestly I don't know for sure which one she used! It could be a couple of different ones depending on what you add or remove from the templates and if you rotated it or not.
Here are the links to a couple of possibilities!
Double Template #11 Side B with slight changes or
Double Template #19 Side A with pictures rotated.
That's the fun part of templates! You can change them to do what ever you want to!
Click on the Image to head over to Loris blog and grab the QP while your there you can find out all about the fabulous kit she used!
I'm heading over to Lori's at Scraps N Pieces to grab it now! I have a thing for chicken wire! I love it! Remind me sometime and I'll explain why!

Just a little foot note here. I am not associated with Scraps N pieces or any of the designers that Lori CT's for. I just feel very Honored that she chooses to use one of my templates from time to time while she is fulfilling her CT duties to others. Thank you Lori!
I'll be back later this evening with the Friday Double Template Freebie!
Until next time...

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The Nielsen Family said...

I think it was an oldie, Template #5 is what the file name says