Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Template # 111

Oh this week is flying by!
Tuesday am both the oldest and I had dental appointments. The appointments were for 9:45(me) and 10:30 and we were there for 3 hours. I only took about 45 min but the oldest had to sit for a little over 2 hours in "the chair". She is getting the Invisalign braces and from what I understand the molds that the dentist make have to be perfect to a T. After 10 trys top and bottom they finally got them right.

After that we came home had a late lunch, did dishes and a load of laundry and it was time to take the boy to his 3rd grade orientation.

His orientation, I'm sorry to say was a joke.

First off the school does not have near enough parking for the teachers yet alone enough to have the entire school in at one time for orientation. We parked about three quarters of a mile away and walked. we stood in line for about 15 min to find out what classroom he had been assigned. after that we found the classroom and waited our turn in line to see the teacher. When it was our turn she handed me 4 papers and told him to find a desk that fit him and write his name on the sticky note on the desk. The papers included. supply list, classroom rules, a very brief summery of the class, and his emergency contact card. She told me to look over the card sign it and hand it in at the office and she was off to the next parent. No chance to ask questions or anything.

This morning was spent making a couple of templates. Then we all piled in the van and took the oldest to her freshman "Charge Day" that started at 2. After dropping her off we headed to Great Grandpa's house to hang out. Came home made dinner and I went back for the Parent Student Teacher part of"Charge Day" at 6.

I think the oldest and I connected in some way tonight. We were comparing notes about what her high school is like and what mine was like ectera. During the course of our chat (Lunch Period) she brought up the fact that her high school is 18 years old. Which I said wow has it been that long! As it happens I was in the class that not only choose the school name but also the mascot. It was one of those things that make you feel instantly old for a bit. She laughed and then I laughed and all in all it was a fun night. I enjoyed roaming the halls of a high school again, but it also made me appreciate just how much I'm glad to be done with school.
Now since you have hung in there so long you will get not one, but 2 Templates!

But first here is my layout using Template # 111

Credits: My Template # 111

Beach Comber Kit by: Susan Ternes of Eleventh Avenue Designs

Font: Script

Freebie Template #111

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and our Bonus Freebie tonight is:

Landscape Template #7

Click the preview to download

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Just a couple of quick notes, Please if you haven't done so yet, Please take a moment and vote for your favorite template size. You can vote on the right side of the blog.

And since I'm so wound up I'll even let you decide what the freebie will be tomorrow!

your options are: A Double 12x 12 template, Landscape template, 12x12 template or a new Kit. I have them all ready! So just leave a quick comment and the most votes wins! heck let's make it even more fun! The more comments I get the better the odds of getting the runner up posted too!

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 14 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Michele said...

I LOVE your Landscrape Templates!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your work with all of us.
Sounds like you've had a busy last few days! My oldest started 6th grade today, and my daughter starts Kindergarden next thursday, 2 off to school, 2 to go. Although it's going to be 2 years before my next starts school, and my youngest in only 7mths, so quite awhile for him.
Have a good night!

Sharon Kay said...

Double 12x12 most definitely!! I really use those a lot...when I can find them! Pretty please!

TY for today's templates!

lwlittlebit said...

Thanks so much for the pretty templates! I voted for BB templates on your pole since I don't see many of them. I also like the landscape templates since I anticipate making a family calendar this year. I made one last year and it turned out great. I haven't seen any calendar templates so haven't started on the 2009 yet. I love your templates and glad you keep them coming! I know it's bound to be time consuming. I have your blog bookmarked and try to visit every day or at least every other day. Thanks again for all you do!