Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Template #115 QP

Good evening everyone!

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. The surgery went as smooth as could be expected. He is quite sore but in good spirits. If it had to happen we are grateful it happened when it did. His son is shipping out for his second tour in Iraq on the 17 of this month.

In scrapping news...
Have you been over to Scraps N' Pieces lately? You should! Check out this fantastic QP Lori put together using my Template #115 and a very fun Kit called Hello Easter!
Click the preview to go get the QP and find out more about the Kit that was used.

Until next time...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Template #179

Freebie Template #179
Click the preview to download from 4shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire
No hot linking Please
Until next time...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greens of Spring Kit

Evening All!

I want to give you all the heads up, I might be pretty spars with the blog over the next couple of days. We recieved word this afternoon that my boyfriends uncle is having triple bypass surgery Monday morning. So we will be spending quite a bit of time at the hospital with our family. Thank you for your understanding.

Now to some much more pleasant things!

Tonight's wonderful layouts come to us from Tracie.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Tracie! Your March Gift will be in your email on the first!
Tracie's' first two layouts use the Kit: Friendship by TCS available at Scrapgirls

These next two layouts use the Kit: Birthday Blog Train (various designers)
and my Template #148

Now for tonight's freebie

A New Kit called Greens of Spring

I have to admit that this one is not up to my usual standards. The colors were given to me by my boyfriend and he challenged me to make a kit with them. While I don't particularly care for these shades of green I did give it a whirl, but my usually creativeness is lacking a bit with this one. I just counld not get the mojo to work.

Oh well maybe someone out there likes the greens and can use it for something!

Links for download are under the preview.

Download Link has expired

No hot linking please

Until next time...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Double Template # 21

Good Evening Everyone!
Welcome to Double Template Friday!
First off tonight I have just one thing I'd like to discuss. I have received a few emails asking advice on a few different things. Tonight my one piece of advice for everyone, new or seasoned scrappers, is to play with shadows. Don't be afraid of them! Use them to your advantage! I myself struggle with this very topic. Until relatively recently none of my LO's had shadows or very little shadowing to them. Since I have started playing with them and learning how to use them I feel that some of my layouts actually stand out more and draw my eyes to the photos where they should be instead of all the elements.
If you have any questions feel free to ask I will answer them to the best of my ability and if I can't I will try to find someone who can!
Tonight we have some very wonderful layouts sent to us all the way from Italy!
I love seeing my drab grey templates come alive with color! Your March Sharing Gift will be sent on the first. Thank you so much!

Kit Sweet Love by Choupette http://titoudamour.monbebeblog.com/
You folks seem to like this following template. I have seen a few Layouts that have used this one now. I will have to try and make a few more in a similar style for you all.
See that's another reason I like seeing your work. It lets me know what template styles you guys like the most and actually use!
I absolutely LOVE the markings on this pretty kitty!
kit Bonheur est dans le pre' from http://chriscrap.over-blog.com/
Template #1 from the 100,000 Hits Grab Bag that is no longer available.
Papers and elements unknown

Let's see what you guys come up with for tonight's freebie. I can think of numerous things this one could be used for with these shapes. Examples: Science Fair, DNA strands? adoption, births, maybe quilt blocks. What else can you come up with?
Tonight's Freebie
Double Template #21
Click the preview to download from 4 shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire
Please remember that hot linking is not allowed.
If you would like to share, why not send your friends and family to the blog where they can check out everything that is available.
If anyone is willing to share there layouts with me, or the blog, you can find my email on the right side of the blog in the about me section.

Have a good night!
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Project 365 Week 13 and News!

Evening everyone! First off I'd like to say if I sound crabby or come across as crabby in this post, please ignore it I'm not in a bad mood I'm just fighting a migraine that I have had since Monday. Tuesday it had me flat out in bed and that's were I feel I should be today but life goes on and you push yourself through the pain, right? This one has been the worst I have had in a very long time. The prescription that I have is not even taking the edge off it today.
Now how about we get on to some fun things! I have received a few emails with layouts attached and I will display some of those here in no special order. So if you are looking for your LO's here I will be featuring each person on a different day.
Today we have 6 wonderful Layouts sent to us by Debra! Debra says that she has only been scrapping for about 3 Weeks! Well Debra these are Fantastic! Thank you so very very much!Template #140 rotated
I absolutely love the bright colors of the Wisconsin layouts and the birthday layout. I'm a big chicken when It comes to scrapping with bright colors!
Template #104

Grab Bag Template #4
(This grab bag was for the 100,000 Hits celebration. It was only meant to be available for 72 hours and it has actually been up for 17 days! So If you want it grab it NOW! It will come down tomorrow!)

Template # 117

Check out that birthday cake isn't it to die for? Did you make that yourself Debra?

Template #144

Giving the camera to the kids, I love doing that! You never know what your gonna get!
Hold your horses! Now before you click to download I have one last thing to talk about. Instead of getting mad at the end of every month about the Layouts....
I am looking for 2 or so people who would be willing to do Layouts for the Month of April. I know this is short notice and hopefully we will get some responses. I have 4 kits all do out in April and one yet this month!
I am asking for 2 layouts per large kit and 1 layout per small kit. (that's 6 layouts for April)
You would post the layout on your blog if you have one and to any gallery(s) that you choose. I would also post it on my blog. Not only am I looking for a little advertising but I am more interested in showing people the versatility of the kits.
I would send you the kit about a week early. and the layout(s) are do in to me the day before the kit release. (Kit releases always fall on Sundays)
If this sounds at all like something you would like to do please send me an email at campster5@hotmail.com with the subject line "CT Call". Please include 2-3 layouts and a link to your blog if you have one. "Application" deadline is Friday at midnight. I will chose and announce on Sunday and Monday the first kit will go out to you lucky new Guest CT Members!
If you have any questions you can email me at the same email as above.
I would have made up a formal flier but staring at photo shop just made my head pound today! Sorry!
Remember even if your not on my "CT" your layouts are always welcome. It's like Christmas when ever I open my email and find one. I squeal with delight just like a little kid!
Depending on how this goes we might try it again for May with more notice.
Alright, alright! hehe Wow how did we get to the start of week 13 already! This year sure is flying by in a hurry!
Tonight's Freebie
Project 365 Week 13 Template

Click the Preview to download from 4 shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire

Monday, March 23, 2009

Template #178

Evening All!

We are having some nasty thunder storms with upwards of 70 mile an hour winds with tornado warnings all around us. Just a short, hop, skip and a jump away a blizzard is baring down on us. There expecting up to 3 feet or more of snow just a short distance from us. I sure hope that stalls out before it gets to us! After dinner tonight we ran around town to check on our rental property's and batten down the hatches before the storm hit. We were lucky the storm hit about 5 min after we got home!

There are a couple of things I would like to take some time and talk about this evening.

The first is the pngs that I have been including with the single templates. There doesn't seem to be any difference in the download numbers since I have started adding them. I'm half tempted to not do them anymore or just drop them down to once a week or so. They do take a bit of extra time that some days I just don't have. So if you want them to stay, Speak up NOW!

Next there will be No Template Participation Gift for April. Since people are so unwilling to share. I am tossing in the towel! I am also going to cut back on how often the freebies come. I'm tired of giving out 20 or more freebies each month and only getting 1 or 2 layouts in return. Sharing is a two way street and I have been giving it my all. All I have ever asked is for you my readers and followers to share a layout or 2 with me. Can you imagine if even 1/4 of you were to send in a layout how many that would be? I would love to show them off!

Also for you psp users Don't you think it would be wonderful if you could leave a Thank You for Michele? She was sick last week and this week her kids are on spring break yet she still manages to do the psp's for you all.

Tonight's freebie is
Template #178

Click the preview to download from 4 shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire
No hot linking please
I know I'm grouchy tonight, But it's my blog and my freebies!
Sorry if I have pi$$ed anyone off but I am a bit pi$$ed myself right now!
Until next time...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Template #177

Tonight's Freebie
Template #178

Click the Preview to download from 4 Shared

Click Here to download from Media Fire

No hot linking Please!

Thank you Thank you Thank you! I can't say Thank You enough to those of you who have left comments! Thank You!

If only I could get some layouts sent in it would be the perfect topper to the perfect weekend!
(hint hint)
Thanks Everyone! Have a great week, and don't forget to stop back for all your daily freebies!

Until next time...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Double Template #20

Not much to say tonight. The layout shows the easiest thing to fix that went wrong this week. What a nice final touch to the week! 1 brand new tube of rash cream gone in about 30 seconds!

Good Clean Fun Kit by: Wyld Web Designs
Date bits 5 by Misty Cato Designs
Template #184 ( coming soon! )

Click the Preview to download from 4 shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire

no hot linking please.
If you would like to share, please send your friends and family to the blog so they may download the freebies themselves!
Thank you all so very much for the comments! If anyone is willing to share a layout you can find my email on the right side of the blog. I would love to see some! Please!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Template #175

Hi Guys!
Thank you all so much for the comments! I really, really appreciate all of them!

Tonight's Freebie
Template #175

Click the preview to download from 4 shared
Click Here to download from Media Fire

No hot linking please
I would love to see what you do with my freebies. You can find my email on the right side of the blog in the about me section. In return I will send you the March Participation Gift Template that you can also find on the right of the blog.
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project 365 Week 12 Template

Tonight's Blog Freebie
Project 365 Week 12 Template

Click the preview to download from 4 shared
or Click Here to download from Media Fire
***(Edit 11:50 am Thursday)***
For those of you who need the psp images
Click Here

If you would, would you please leave a comment when you download, anything to signify a download, 4 shared has not been keeping proper count lately so I have no idea if you guys are downloading or not. Or should I say, I don't know if the freebie is any good or not.

Also we are over half way through the month and we have had only two participants for March. I hate asking and begging for layouts, but then again maybe that's what I have to do!
***(Edit 11:50am Thursday)***
For submitting layouts you can either leave a link to your blog in the comments or email me a copy of your layout(s). You can find my email in the about me section on the right of the blog.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Template #174

Tonight's Freebie
Template # 174

Click the preview to download from 4 shared
or Click Here to download form Media Fire
No hot linking please
Until next time...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Colors In It Kit

Evening All!
It's Sunday and I have a new kit for you!
But first have a peak at the QP that Michele made using the new Kit.
"The Color's In It"
Click on the image to go to Micheles blog where you can pick up this QP and all sorts of other great freebies!

I would like to thank Brianna for naming this fun little kit for me.

Kit contains: 10 Papers and 19 Elements
"The Color's In It"
Sorry this Kit has retired.

Thank you for stoping by!

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!
Until next time...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Double Template #19

Evening all!
Tonight I have a Layout to share! Michele sent this to me this evening, isn't it simply wonderful?! Here she used the gorgeous Brianna's Butterflies Kit that you can find over on her blog and last nights Template #176

Tonight we are stepping back to our Friday Freebie Double Template.
Double Template #19
Click here to download from 4shared
Click here to download from Media Fire
No hot linking please
Until next time...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Template #176

I know, I know I'm going a bit out of order but I promise we will come back to the ones I have skipped over.

So you ask why did you skip to Template #176, well I did a Layout! That's why!! While I was checking some blogs today I found this awesome Double QP over at Scrap N Pieces. This Double QP uses my Template #167 and a fantastic kit called Growing Up by: Stolen Moments.
I was very intrigued by this Kit and actually clicked the link to go take a look at it. Well of course it's in a store and you know me by now. It's not that I don't want to buy things but I can't afford to buy things right now. But guess what! There is a Freebie Add On to the Growing Up Kit ! That is what I used for my LO! I absolutely love the chicken wire! It's my favorite thing that I have found this week!
Here is my little "Kitchen Helper" in action today.
And now finally we come to tonight's freebie
Template #176

Click the preview to download. (4shared)

OR CLICK HERE (media fire) added 10:20 am Saturday

No hot linking please.

Don't forget the Team/Fan Kits will be retiring on Sunday evening.This is the last time I'll remind you! Get them while you still can!

We will be starting a new line of them in the next month or so.

You can put your requests in now if you want!

*Edit 11:30pm. The double template that should be here for Double Template Friday will be up tomorrow night instead (Saturday). Sorry about any confusion. *

Until next time...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Template #173

Tonight's freebie
Template # 173

Click the preview to download
no hot linking!
psd, psp, and png files are included.
PLEASE PLEASE let me know if I'm on the right track with the png's or not!
psp images are courtesy of Michele
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Project 365 Week 11 Template

When it rains it pours.
That saying is turning out to be so true for us this year. We just can't catch a break on anything it seems. If bad things come in three's we're almost done with the second set of three!
Little refresher:
1) Microwave failed- January
2) Stove failed - February
3a) A tenant moves out
3b) Tenant ransacks the place. When they had moved in 16 months ago we had just finished a floor to roof remodel of the place, sub floors, kitchen cabinets, everything that goes into a new house including the plumbing and electrical. Every thing was new but the siding and roof. Not anymore!!! torn carpet, busted cabinet doors, front door has been busted in, marker on every wall from floor to about chest high, door knobs missing. You name it they probably did it! not good, not good,not good.
#4) The drain on the kitchen sink failed this morning. I pulled the plug after doing the dishes and the drain pipe popped right off. Striping out the threads.
#5) nothing like having 40 gallons of hot water all over the place! The line coming out of our hot water heater busted this evening!
When it rains it pours! Whats next in the line up? Bring it on!
But anyway it may sound like I'm in a bad mood, but I'm Not!
Look at what I got today! A layout!
Isn't it wonderful? I love the fact that you scrapped about your daughters first tattoo and the meaning behind it. What a great way to remember a loved one. Thank you for sharing with us!
Your participation gift will be in your email on April first!

Man oh man, is it Wednesday already! It seems like I just gave one of these out!
Tonight's Freebie
Project 365 Week 11 Template
Click the preview to download
please remember no hot linking allowed
THANK YOU to all of you who have left the advice about the Mac's. Sounds like they will do everything but my gaming. Yes I play MMORPG's.
Alright I'm off to bed. I pulled another all nighter again last night so since Sunday morning I have had 4 hours of sleep! But the great news is I can now see more then just light at the end of the tunnel! I hate falling that far behind. Computer issues and getting sick are not good ways to get much done. hehe Have a good night everyone!
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hits Grab Bag Reveal

Hi All!
Hope none of you are having to deal with the storm that is hitting the upper Midwest.
We got clipped by the edge of the storm and got stuck with freezing rain and wind. Man is it Howling outside!

I'm going to apologize now for how long this post is going to be and how "dumb" some of my questions may be.

I would really appreciate some help. You don't have to answer all of them, only what your willing to share. Thanks in advance!

1) What programs use the png's?

2) If I use the 'same size' picture or element more then once do I need to make the png for it more then once?

I know the program thing has nothing to do with my ability to make png's I just would like to fully understand the what's and whys. Makes things easier to do when you understand why you are doing it.

3) Can anyone give me some good advice or information about Mac's? I've debated about getting one, but all I know is that they're good for graphics. I could Google it but I would rather hear from some people that run Mac's and know what there talking about from experience. I don't know what else they can do? Is there any software that is compatible between windows and mac at all? When it comes to the macs I feel like I have never touched a computer before!

I know so little about them that I really don't even know what to ask about them.

Ok so that was more then one question in number 3!

Any advice or information you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated! I'm all ears!

Now for tonight's freebie.
I have decided to reveal the Hits Grab Bag for the last 24 hours or so of availability so you can see what your getting!

Click the preview to download the 100,000 Hits Grab Bag if you have not done so yet!

Download link expires Wednesday night.

sorry this item no longer available.

no hot linking please.

Thanks for all your comments suggestions and help.

Once we get this all worked out I will make you all a special treat.

Any suggestions on what it should be?

See you all tomorrow for project 365.

Until next time...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Brianna's Butterflies QP#2

Hi folks,
Gonna keep this pretty short tonight. I see a bunch of you do want the png's and I'll do them, but I have some questions and such for you about them first. Unfortunately my questions will have to wait till tomorrow. I have been up for a little over 40 hours now and I really can't think straight anymore. The good news of staying up like that is, I managed to get a lot of work caught up!

Tonight I'm bringing you QP#2 made from this wonderful kit, Brianna's Butterflies. This kit is the most recent release that Michele and I have worked on together. Hop on over to Michele's blog to pick up the kit if you have not done so already, you Won't be disappointed!
You can click on the image to go visit Michele's blog.

Tonight's freebie is Brianna's Butterflies QP#2

Link expired

Please remember no hot linking.

Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate them. Thank you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Award and Grab Bag

Hi all! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I know we did and look what we awoke to this morning! A winter wonderland of 4 plus inches! When I went to bed at 3:30 am there was no snow anywhere just a bunch of brown nasty looking grass! When I got up at 7 am this is what I found!

Looking east from our driveway.
Looking west from our driveway.
Right now it's 46 degrees out and all the pretty snow is gone already! Round 2 is expected Tuesday or Wednesday.
I received an Award!This award was given to me by: Designs by MandaK.
(Formally known as Nibbles Skribbles)
The rules are to pass it on to three people. Leave messages for those three on there blogs and a link to the person who gave it to you.
The three I chose are:
Thank you ladies for all your wonderful work!
Tonight's Freebie is our 100,000 Hits Celebration Grab Bag!
Click the preview to download
No hot linking please
This time the download is only available for 72 hours!
sorry this item is no longer available
I would like to thank all of you for your patience while I recover from my computer crash. I am currently using my kids much older and slower computer thus causing me to work slower.
My work is coming in faster then I can complete it with this machine!
Until next time...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

'Fan' tastic QP's!

Hi All!
Hope the weekend is treating you all good!
Tonight was the final performance for the Wizard of Oz musical. They have sold out every performance! Great job Kids! And to the Drama Director, Congratulations on you upcoming retirement. What a Grand Performance it was! Thank You for all your hard work! (like he will read this. But hey you never know!)
Now, how about we get along to scrap land?

Check out these wonderful layouts that Lori from over at Scraps 'n Pieces has sent to us!
For these layouts she used my Steelers Fan Kit and the Steelers Fan Kit Add On. Along with my Double Template #16
Lori also surprised me with a gift to you all! She has turned her layout(s) in to QP's for all you Steelers Fans! What a quick and easy way to scrap those super bowl pictures!
Click on the Preview to go to Scraps 'n Pieces
where you can download this quick pick
and check out all the other fabulous things that Lori does!

Have a great night everyone!
Until next time...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Double Template #18

Welcome to Double Template Friday!
All I have to say about this week is TGIF! LOL what a wild week it has been!

Tonight's freebie is Double Template #18
Click the preview to download
No hot linking please
And while your still here don't forget to vote!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brianna's Butterflies QP #1

Evening everyone,
Hope you guys are all feeling good cause this bug is kicking my butt!

First off I have one little announcement to make. I have placed a poll on the right of the blog. Please take a moment and place your vote for the file types you would like included with the templates. Make sure to vote soon the poll only runs till Sunday night. You can vote for as many options as you like!

Tonight I have a wonderful little QP to share with you all using Michele's fabulous new kit Brianna's Butterflies. This kit is packed full of pinks and purples with lots of adorable little butterflies! Go ahead and check it out! Brianna's Butterflies contains 14 Papers and 34 Elements.
Click the preview to go to Michele's blog to download and leave her some love if you would!
Michele's fabulous funky layout above uses my Template #168
and the QP below uses Template #164

Link Expired

No hot linking please.
See you all tomorrow for Double Template Friday!

Until next time...