Saturday, October 31, 2009

Morning Solitude Blog Train

Choo choo!
It's time once again for a Blog Train!
I admit I'm no salesmen!
But you have got to check this train out! It's full of all sorts of goodies!
"Morning Solitude" Freebie Mini Kit
Click the preview to download my portian.

When your done check out the rest of the stops!
You will have one HUGE kit be the time you reach the end of this train!
Don't forget to leave some love if you download. We all work very hard to bring these fun things to you!


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Choo Choo......
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Double Template #52

Evening Everyone!
I will be sending out the Participation gifts on Monday!
If you sent in a layout for October and have not seen it on the blog yet, please resend it!
Tonight's Freebie is Double Template #52
Click the preview to download
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project 365 Week 44

Morning Everyone!
How are you doing today? Staying warm and dry I hope. It's raining cats and dogs here. Farmers are having a heck of a time this year, wet spring, late planting and now wet fall and no harvesting with out getting stuck in the fields. I saw on the news that out in Colorado they could end up with 3 feet of snow in some places! Is there anyplace in the continental US that is having a normal October?

I'm so sorry I didn't get our P365 Template posted last night. Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday so after dropping the kids off at (great) grandpa's we headed out to a fabulous steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Our Favorite Steakhouse! Yummy! We will have the cake and presents with the kids on Sunday.

Tonight I am taking the little one to a kids Haunted House. I never would have thought that she would even want to go since the other two won't have anything to do with Haunted Houses. The other day I was watching err more listening to a show on TV called "Americas Haunts" All about the Big Haunted Houses across the country. Yesterday I caught the little one imitating some of the scary parts! So we will have to see how tonight goes, the operator's of it say that it is not scary and that it is more hands on like jello brains to touch and such. It's geared for the 5 and under crowd so it should be good for her.

This morning I have some Layouts to share with you all!
Thanks lady's for sending them in!
Our first one today comes from my dear friend Michele. Here she is showcasing her daughters freckles!
Template is our Participation Gift from last May.
Kit "Memories" by: Phillsboo
WA by: Bethany
Our second one is sent in to us by Connie.
I love sleeping children, they are so peaceful.
Kit "I love You So Much" by: Fanette
Last but certainly not least is a fabulous Layout sent in by Denise.

Denise had this to say about how her layout came together.
I used your Haunted House kit for the background and the tag, ribbon, and bats. The layout is based on your template 213. I used Cheryl Barber's Grungy Metallic Styles for the "discs" in your template and also to color the font. The font is Madgeburg. I recolored the ribbon and the template frame. Since the background is black I used outer glow instead of shadows to pop the elements.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in layouts!

I love opening my email in the morning and finding them!

Now we come to the late but promised P365 Week 44 Freebie Template. Click the preview to download

no hot linking please

Until next time...


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Template #217

Freebie Template # 217
Click the preview to download
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Until next time...

Yankees Fan Kit

It's finally here!
About darn time they won that series!
I don't personally care for the Yankees. I kind of think of them like most people think of the Raiders in football, more or less a bunch of over paid bad apples.
On an up note if they win the world series. (I think they will.) I will make an add on kit like I did last year when the Steelers won the Superbowl.
Happy Downloading Yankees Fans!
"Yankees Fan" Kit Freebie
Click the preview to download
No hot linking please
I'll be back later tonight with our regular Monday Freebie Template!
Until next time...
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's About Time!

Well it is about time!
The "Yankees Fan" kit will be available on Tuesday!
Until next time...

Haunted House Kit

Good Evening Everyone!
Did you all have a good weekend?

Friday afternoon the boy came home from school not feeling so good. I told him to lay down and relax for a while and he ended up falling asleep. I let him sleep till dinner time and when he would not eat more then a couple of bites I decided that he was not going to basketball pratice that night. Better safe then sorry I figured. If he was coming down with something it was better to keep him home and not get the whole team sick. As it turned out only 2 kids were at practice!

Saturday morning he awoke and was bouncing around like there was never anything wrong so he did get to spend his normal Saturday night at (great) grandpa's house. I spent most of Saturday working on a few upcoming kits. Not close enough to being ready to put up a release date yet though. Although I did manage to wrap up and post two more Fan kits. If you missed them you can scroll back or click on the Fan Kit Information link on the right. They were the "Bengals Fan" and the "Mountaineers Fan" Kits.

Sunday morning was spent working on the new blog header with the tabs. I actually got the images to load correctly but I am having issues getting the links to were they are supposed to lead to, figured out. The header itself and 4 of the 6 buttons should work but they don't and I'm at a loss as to what I did wrong. I went step by step according to the Easy Custom Blogs blog. Other then using a different image host and links then her the codes look the same as far as I can tell.

If anyone is good at working with code and would be willing to enlighten me, I'd really really appreciate it! At the current moment what drives me crazy the most is you cant go back to the beginning of the blog by clicking the Header or the Home button. If I could just get one of those to work, I could fight my way through the rest.

I got so frustrated this afternoon I walked away from the computer and cleaned house! Completely cleaned the living room, bath and kitchen. I even installed my new kitchen shelves that have been sitting in the corner waiting for close to 3 years now! Talk about living in a construction zone! The only remaining things that need to be finished with the kitchen remodel is the corner base cabinet, still need to purchase that. The end of the counter top is held up with a couple of 2x4's right now. We also need to replace the windows but that will be done when we do the whole house.

But now that I am back at the computer I would like to introduce you all to Cisco.
Cisco is a 10-12 week old domestic female rat. She is not much bigger then a gerbil at the moment! Cisco joined our family last Thursday afternoon. My new little scrap buddy!
She loves to sit on my shoulder while I work on the computer.
(She is with me now as I type this!) Wow our little family is not so little anymore! 3 kids (= 3s_enough, lol! how many of you put that together?) a dog, 2 birds and a rat!


Tonight I do have a layout to share with you all.
Thank you to Christelle!
Template #186
Kit: "Hands of Time" by Ellay

Yippee! Freebie time and your getting a new kit!
"Haunted House" Kit Freebie
Kit includes: 11 papers and 20 Elements
Download Here
No hot linking please

Thank you all so very very much for all the comments, help and ideas!
With out you there would be no blog here!
Have a great evening and as always...
Until next time...
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Bear with me

I am trying to give the blog a bit of a face lift. Please bear with me. At this time the buttons at the top do not work. That they are even there is impressive to me at this point. Over the next couple of days they will start working as I link them up and thin out the side column. It's getting so long it is driving me nuts! Hopeful when this face lift is complete, finding your way around here should be much easier and a bit faster. :)

Thank you all for your patience,
Until next time...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mountaineers Fan Kit

"Mountaineers Fan" Kit Freebie
Click the preview to be taken to the download area.
Sorry the preview is a bit distorted. I tried to make this fit in 1 download. I even made the preview as small as I dared trying to bring the kit in just under 100 mb. but no luck. It is just a bit over 100 mb so there are two downloads. Make sure to get both, there are 3 papers and 14 elements in each.
Are the Yankees gonna pi$$ away the next game or am I finally going to be able to put the finishing touches on the kit this time?
Thanks for the wonderful comments gals!
Until next time...
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Bengals Fan Kit

"Bengals Fan" Kit Freebie
Click the Preview to go to the download area.
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Until next time...
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Double Template #51

Freebie Double Template #51
Click the preview to download
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Until next time...
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Post Card #1

Good morning!
Are we off to a good start today?
Been a pretty calm morning here. Thursdays usually are.
I talked to "the boys" former owner last night. He just wanted to check and make sure they were settling in ok. He is pretty torn up about giving up his pets but is also very happy that they found a nice loving home.
This morning I was playing with photoshop and created this little Post Card of "The Boys". Niko loves to hang out with people and can be demanding at times if he does not have your full attention. As you can see in the picture he joined me at the computer for a while last night. Perry likes to just hang out around or on the cage. He is a little more timid then Niko but he sure loves to look at himself in the mirror. As I type he is dancing in front of is favorite mirror and singing to himself.
I turned my above Postcard into a QP and a Template for you.
The size is 5.5 x 4.25 inches.
This size is approved by the US Postal service and you can fit 4 on a single page for printing!
Post Card QP Freebie
Click the preview to download the QP
Post Card Template Freebie
Click the Preview to download the Template

No hot linking Please
Until next time...

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project 365 week 43


How is everyone tonight?
Not to bad here, but yesterday, that was , um shall we say not so good. Spent most of the day with the heating pad on my back. Moving out, moving in and then lawn and garden work on the third day, just a bit to much for my back.
Doing much better today and although it was a very wet day with heavy rain off and on there was lots of work to be done. Did a total clean up of the yard at the sold property and replaced the outside water spout. Everything is done and the contracts have all been signed! Yippee!

Made a pork roast, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli for dinner tonight. Only the second time I've cooked in two weeks! All the running around out of town makes home cooked meals hard to come by. Oh it was soooo gooood!
Perry even likes his steamed broccoli!
After dinner tonight Niko joined me at the computer for awhile. I can't believe how fast he has taken to me. During the day if I have my back to the cage while I'm working he will call to me and climb as close to me as he can get inside the cage. Both of them have shared there impressive singing skills with us already. I think that they have spent a lot of time close to an open window during the summer months. Between the two of them they can mimic at least 10 different wild bird songs.
I picked up some millet for them as a training treat. Niko will already hop on my finger when I ask him to. Perry will eat it out of my hand but will not let me touch him yet. Time and patience is what it will take.
As you can see in this picture of Niko he has about 6 feathers that grow in the wrong direction on his chest. He loves shiny things and was playing with my earring tonight when I snapped this picture. He gives the greatest little birdy kisses!

Fan Kit questions and information
Those of you who are waiting for the Yankees kit ~ It is currently on hold waiting to see who wins the championship. Once this is determined it should be up within a day or so.

I have to admit that I am learning more then I ever thought I would about collages.
Dang there is a lot of them!
I'm actually surprised that no one has requested a Nebraska Huskers one.

As to the Georgia Bull Dogs.~
Does anyone have a good color sample of that teams colors. When I go to there site about half of the items look orangy-red and half look red. Since the schools newspaper is called the red and black I'm assuming the colors are thus red and black. What I'm looking for is a good representation of the red.(the correct shade) If any one could help me out with this I would very much appreciate it. :)

Oh Wow! Can you believe we are at Week 43 already! This year has gone by so fast, after the way it started for us I was wondering just how long of a year it was going to drag out to be. But the last half is just flying away!
Freebie P365 Week 43 Template
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Until next time...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Template # 216

Howdy Everyone!
Grab something to drink and maybe even snack. I have hardly said much of anything since last Wednesday, and well, now it's just gonna come spilling out. These last few days have just been crazy busy!

Let's see here.

Thursday all three kids got their flu shots.
Friday was the boys first Basketball practice of the season. I already like the coach much much better then the last two we had. This guy knows his stuff and finally in his third year of playing screens are actually being taught. Before it was all just run back and forth and shot the ball kind of playing. Some of the other players had younger siblings along to watch and the little one had a blast running around playing tag with them. The others were more like 6 and 7 but they all played well together. After Basketball practice I dropped of all the kids at grandpa's house. Yippee date night! Not! By the time I got home from dropping the kids off he was sound asleep. So instead I finished the "Twins Fan" Kit and posted it.

Saturday we got up and headed SW to Grandma's house to help load the moving truck.
Still no fall colors on our drive.

It was a good thing we went. None of the other grand kids showed up to help. Grandma's three girls came to help but her son was down with pneumonia so he was totally excused from having to help. Besides he has done an awful lot for grandma since all this started a couple of months ago. He lives the closest so most of it fell on his shoulders.
We finally got the truck loaded and while the "sisters " and grandma stayed to shampoo the carpets and mop the floors we took off for home with our own truck full to drop off at his cousins house. After drooping things off and gathering up the kids we headed north to his aunts house were grandma is moving to. We arrived thirty minutes after they got there with the truck. It was well after dark by then so we ate dinner and settled in for the night.

The next morning, Sunday dawned a bright and glorious fall day. Unfortunately nobody seemed in any hurry to get things unloaded. As my boyfriend and I carried each box into the house the "sisters" would pick through it and put it all away. After about an hour of this I had had enough and said " Come on! let's get this unloaded, there will be time for decorating later."

No luck.

Finally I just started packing it in to the house. I was on a deadline, we needed to leave by 2pm and at this point it was noon and hardly anything had been done!
Some how, I still don't understand how we did it but we did, the truck was unloaded and returned and a load was taken to storage and we were on the road home at 2:30. A bit later then planned but about as good as it gets with his family. None of them are ever on time for anything.
Now how about a few pictures.
the sisters as they call themselves.
"Sister where does this go?"
"Sister come here for a minute." ect
My MIL from Colorado is on the left, the sister on the right is from Hawaii, and the one in the middle is the one Grandma is now living with.

Oh no! just what we needed another derailment! Grandma
Two people and a dog rattle around this big o' house!
Yep that's Grandma's new house! Her daughter works her butt off for it! There is a wing on the left that is just as big as the one on the right!
I want her whirlpool tub! This ain't even the master bath it's the guest bath!

That pretty much brings us up to today which has been just as busy!
The boy missed the bus this mourning so that was a wonderful way to start a Monday! Once I got them all rounded up and dropped off at school I chatted with Simona until I had to get ready to meet with a client. After the meeting it was off to Walmart to pick up a couple of things. Grabbed lunch fast and brought it home to eat before we all had to go our separate ways again. He had to show one of our properties that we have for sale and I had to do garden clean up for a client. While I was there working my boyfriend called to tell me that we sold the property! We will get the down payment and do the paper work for it all on Tuesday afternoon.
We also had two new additions to our family today!
Meet Perry and Niko respectively.

Perry has a fascination with mirrors and Niko loves to be talked to. Both of them will respond to there names but are very skittish when it comes to handling them. There former owner did not have enough time to give them anymore and decided in there interest to find a better home for them. I know it will take patience and time but both of them are such sweet birds that I am sure with the attention they deserve they will soon sit on my shoulder while I work at the computer.
Well that pretty much brings us current on whats been up.
I was able to spend a little bit of time on the Yankees kit today. I think it will be Friday or Saturday for it's release.
In the mean time I do have tonight's Freebie Template #216 for you.
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Until next time...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Twins Fan Kit

"Twins Fan" Kit Now Available! includes:
6 Papers and 27 Elements
Click the preview to go to the download area.
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Until next time...
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Double Template #50

Freebie Double Template #50
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Until next time...
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High Schol Fan Kit Request Info

***Edit April 24 2010 ... Since summer is basically here, I have decided to take a small break from doing the Private Request Kits. I will resume with these in August 2010 when things slow down and the kids go back to school. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ***
If you have a request for a High School Kit. Please email me the school name and location along with what activities you would prefer. Such as Football, Basketball, Cheer Leading, Band ect. Please include the year(s) of graduation and any other information you would be willing to share.
I do look up the schools on the web to get color and logo references. If you know the schools website please include it in your email.
High School Kits will NOT be placed on the blog or in any of the slide shows.
These are considered private matters and no information will be shared. It is no one's business where your kids or grand kids go to school at. If YOU choose to show your LO's using the high school kit(s) that you request, that is totally up to you.
For the lady's that have shared the LO's that have been done with a couple of these private kits, Thank you for sharing your layout's with me! I am truly honored to be able to make these kits for you.
I do not charge for these kits, your thank yous and Lo's are my payment.
Please leave your Thank yous here on this post.

Fan Kits ~ Links and Previews

Previews for available "Fan Kits"

Download Fan Kits Here

Kits are listed somewhat alphabetical in the download folder

Most recent kits are shown first in the slide show

(I will let you know when each becomes available and I will add to the list as requests come in.)

Kits currently in the works:

Twins ~ added 10/16/2009

Yankees ~ added 10/26/2009

Georgia Bulldogs ~ added 11/12/2009

Cincinnati Bengals ~ added 10/24/2009

Cubs ~ added 11/7/2009

Northwestern ~ added 11/5/2009

West Virgina Mountaineers ~ added 10/24/2009

World Series ~ Yankies ~ added 11/24/2009

Phillies ~ added 11/25/2009

White Sox ~ added 11/26/2009

University of Kansas ~ added 12/2/2009

Boston Red Sox ~ 1/16/2010

Miami Dolphins ~ 1/17/2010

Kansas State ~ 1/19/2010

Colorado Rockies ~ 2/1/2010

Iowa Hawkeyes ~ 2/9/2010

University of Southern California ~ 2/11/2010

University of Michigan ~ 2/13/2010

Detroit Tigers ~ 2/16/2010

Detroit Red Wings ~ 2/19/2010

North Carolina Tarheels ~ 2/22/2010

Arizona Diamondbacks ~ 3/3/2010

Saints Super Bowl Victory ~ 2/8/2010

Sacramento River Cats ~ 2/26/2010

Oakland A's ~ 4/27/2010

Kentucky Wildcats ~ 3/4/2010

Michigan State ~ 4/7/2010

Baltamore Ravens ~ 3/24/2010

Detroit Pistons ~ 3/27/2010

Arizona State ~ 3/7/2010

University of Utah

Tennessee Titans

Appalachian State University ~ 5/7/2010

Dallas Mavericks

(California) Stockton Thunder

Sacramento Kings

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Cincinnati Reds

University of Virginia

Texas A&M

Texas Rangers

Black and White Basic Kit (Y-Ball) ~ 3/21/2010

****Any New requests will be started on in August****

Please leave your comments here for the Fan Kits. Media fire does not accept comments that I am aware of. I appreciate each and every comment that you leave. Thank You!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project 365 Week 42

Evening Everyone!
Hope your week is going good. Been a busy one here. Monday we had to tow the truck to the repair shop , this time for electrical issues. If it's not one thing it's always another. Thankfully it was easy to find and fix. While the truck was there we also had them replace the master brake cylinder.
Tuesday we had to pick up the boy and then headed out to gather up the girls. I noticed that our van was cutting out. I'm going to have to get that in for a tune up and new filters all the way around. Maybe get the injectors cleaned if the rest don't help. I just hope it's not the timing chain/belt.
Today I have been working on a couple of special request High School Fan kits. I've been having a lot of fun with these High School fan kits. I got my "groove" back! Hopefully we will get some new Fan kits out over the next couple of weeks. I will also be making an announcement about the Fan Kits on Thursday, so make sure you check back!
I'd also like to say Thank You to everyone for all the wonderful comments on my latest kit "Autumn's Passion". I can't wait to see some of the layouts you create with it!
Tonight's Freebie is Project 365 Week #42
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Until next time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Template #215

Evening everyone.
Hope your week is starting off on a good note. We had snow again last night, enough that I actually had to clear the deck off this morning. As I reached for the shovel all I could do was shack my head in disgust at how early it has come this year.
Tonight I have a layout to share that uses tonight's freebie!
I submitted this one last month for the Font Challenge over at STS.
For full Credits click here.
Tonight's Freebie Template #215
Click the preview to download
No hot linking please
Until next time...

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumns Passion

Howdy Everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine well, my bathroom and kitchen both shine! I also tore the living room apart, cleaned everything, rearranged all the furniture, took everything off the walls, packed some away, got out other stuff that was packed away and completely redid all the wall stuff. As to the kids. None of them are home! The girls both ended up getting to stay with my MIL and Grandma after all! The boy, he begged off and wanted to stay at my grandfather's here in town instead. He was bored out of his mind with all the women folk! So the kids are all off doing there own thing until Tuesday evening.

Tonight is a very exciting night here on the blog.
I am releasing my new Kit "Autumn's Passion" I had a lot of fun creating this kit and even more fun making the below layouts! I hope you enjoy using this free kit as much as I do!
If you create any layouts using this beautiful kit I would love to see them. I just might have a small gift for you (hint hint)!
This first LO is my entry for the theme Challenge over at STS this month.
For this one the only requirement was to have a pumpkin in your LO!
Template coming soon
This one is my entry for the color challenge this month at STS.
The colors for this month were: brown, orange and gold.
Template coming soon
My final LO tonight was created for kicks and giggles. Some of you may even know the photo!
It comes as a default desktop background for windows!
Template coming soon

Tonight's Freebie "Autumn's Passion" Full Kit

Kit includes:
12 papers and 26 elements
not all items shown

Download Part one Here.
Download Part two Here.

Thank you all for all the wonderful comments and the requests. Love them All!

Until next time...
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Double Template #49


Evening all!

Yes we are still at home! The plan is to leave in the morning. I will not be going along. The plan is a nice quit weekend alone at home, but, the oldest might be staying home too. She is not feeling the best tonight and has the sniffles. Just a little over tired and a case of the sniffles so far. Will have to wait and see what morning brings.

I reread last night's rant today after I calmed down. I sounded a little childish at a few points didn't I? But I still stand with " I will have no part of playing favorites amongst the grand kids". In this day and age of blended families shouldn't' t they all be welcome? On a small up note my significant other agreed with me today that yes it is favoritism. That since the other two don't have school they should be allowed to be there with the little one.
Tonight we have a layout(s) that my dear friend Michele sent in to us. Here she used tonight's Double Template #49 and all she did was recolor it!

Freebie Double Template #49
Click the preview to download
no hot linking please
Until next time...
Oh guess what!
It's supposed to snow here Saturday morning!
Last I heard we are expecting a couple of inches!
It is 25 degrees F below normal here
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

BYU Fan Kit

Good Evening!

Well tomorrow will be the start of a very long ten days that I am not looking forward to. My MIL is driving in from Colorado tonight and is staying with her mother at her sisters place. Confused yet? Grandma can no longer live on her own and has moved in with one of her daughters. Well this daughter has to go out of town on a trip for her job so her sister (my MIL) is coming to say with her. So far so good, that is until I made the offer of going up there for 4 days since the kids don't have school Monday and Tuesday to help out and she could spend some extra time with her grand kids. What I got in return was that we have to many people and it will be to stressful. To stressful to have extra help and see the grand kids? And she wants only our little one to stay for part of the week even though the older ones don't have school on Monday or Tuesday. Of course I got mad about this and it all ended up in a fight with my significant other. Earlier this week the plan was to go up on Saturday morning. At dinner tonight I told him I had made arrangements for the dog for the weekend and that we needed to drop him off Saturday on the way out of town. At that point I was told we are leaving Friday night! I'm so fed up with the whole deal that when I come home on Sunday all three kids are coming home with me. I will not be having any part of this playing favorites crap. I would really rather just stay home with all of them and wash my hands of it but that I can't get out of. Next Saturday we all have to meet at Grandma's house to pack all her stuff and move it to her daughters place were she is staying. I think the kids and I just might stay home for that trip. We will have to see how it goes this weekend. Unfortunately my significant other does not see it as playing favorites and has taken his mothers side on this.

Sorry about the rant but getting things off my chest keeps me from blowing up at the wrong person. You know what I mean, the person who has nothing to do with what your upset about but says or does the wrong thing and it is the straw that breaks the camels back? When I'm upset I tend to just let it build and take it and take it until I finally erupt. The kids will tell you when I erupt, RUN! Thankfully it happens only a couple of times a year, I let things build and fester for a long time. The long fuse does have it's up sides and down sides though.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments! If you would like to wear/share my blinky on your blogs you are more then welcome to! Any free advertising is a bonus for me! Thank You!
I have also received a few requests for some new fan kits!
So on my to do list is:
Twins ~ Started
Yankees ~ Started
Georgia Bulldogs
Cincinnati Bengals

Keep the requests coming!
Requests don't necessarily have to be for Fan kits. Any past freebie!
Or if you have a certain color pallet and theme you'd like me to try, send it on over! I'm always looking for a challenge! Or if you are in need of a template with a certain number of pictures or anything just let me know. With out you folks there wouldn't be any freebies! Heck the fan kits got there start with the "Raiders Fan" Kit that I made so I could make a desktop for my significant others school computer. Now we have 32 from last season and 4 more in the works for this season! Keep them coming!

Today was not a very eventful day in itself. I chatted with Simona off and on. Checked out a new scrapbook store that opened here. Did some shopping for the little one with some of her birthday money. She got all toys as gifts so I took some of the cash and got her some jeans and snow boots. Man snow boots already can't believe it, but it is right around the corner. Fall was definitely short this year. With the rain for the last two weeks the trees are all drab grey instead of the normal bright fall colors. We are also supposed to get our first hard freeze tonight so this afternoon we harvested all the remaining items in the garden. Onions, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and more tomatoes! Oh and it is supposed to snow were we are going this weekend!

Now that I have ranted, rattled and taken every side track there is, how about we get to our freebie?
Tonight's re-visited Freebie by request is the "BYU Fan" Kit

Click the preview to download

no hot linking please

Until next time...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Project 365 Week 41

Evening everyone,
I'm not feeling so hot tonight so we are just going straight to the freebie for tonight.

Freebie p365 Week 41 Template
Click the preview to download
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Until next time
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Buckeye's Fan" Kit


The party went very well this evening. I still can't believe my baby is 3! She made out like a bandit with gifts this year! More kitchen play things, some dress up stuff, a backpack, puzzles, a Leap Frog Scribble and Write, and a Razor Scooter! The scooter has three wheels and the rear wheels are the same as a skate boards. The thing is very heavy! The older kids each have there own scooters and this weighs as much as those two put together and then some. She was riding it all over in the house tonight. Can't wait to see all three kids riding up and down our street.

I really didn't get any true scrapping done today. I did however scrap /make some party decorations and party hats. She had been wanting a frog theme for months but I was having a hard time finding frog decorations. What few things I did find the stores wanted an arm and a leg for. So we went with plain green plates but she got creative on her own and changed the theme up. green plates and pink napkins. We had green and pink streamers all over the house and I also put together some little frogs sitting on lily pads that had pink flowers! I never would have thought to put pink and green together but it turned out very nice in the end. I also got a good reminder cutting out all the frogs and flowers as to why I don't paper scrap! All that cutting drives me buggy!
Tonight I am re posting the Freebie "Buckeye's Fan Kit" per request.

Click the preview to be taken to the download area.

Until next time...


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Fan Kit Reminder

Hi everyone!
Just a quick note while I take a mini break from party preparations.
The "Steeler's Fan" Kit and Add-On will both expire tonight and will be flying away to retirement.
If you have not gotten your copy yet please do so now!

The next Fan Kit going up tonight will be the Ohio State Buckeyes! or as I call it the "Buckeye's Fan" Kit
This one will be available until Thursday night.

I have also gotten started on both the Twins and Yankees Fan Kits. Yeah! It's about time I did them!

If you have any Fan Requests please submit them on this post or email them to me. Fan kits can be for Collages, Pro Football, Baseball, Basketball you name it and I will at least try to make it!
I have even done a couple of High School ones on request. For a High School one please email me. I do have a couple of requirements for those.

Until next time...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Template #214

Hi Everyone!
It's been a very long day. Tons of stuff still to do on the to do list that needs to be done by about 4pm Tuesday afternoon. I sure hope this rain lets up for a bit, the Birthday girl and I need to go get party decorations and balloons! I still can't believe it 3 years old Tuesday! They grow up so fast!
Speaking of growing up, We had parent teacher conferences tonight with the teenager. Before leaving I asked her if there was any thing she needed to tell us before we went. Her response was "nope doing good all b's and c's". Upon hearing that I had my doubts but I could only assume she was right. She has a special study hall for extra help so it is a possibility that it could be b's and c's. Actually this is what we got. Math B, English A, Orchestra A, Science F, Debate F, Geography D. All the teachers agree she is very bright, A pleasure to have in class and voluntarily participates during class discussions. The only problem is getting the work turned in. Been this way for so long now that I don't even know for sure what grade it started in. We have tryed all sorts of organization and assignment note books to no avail. She comes home from school saying she got it done in study hall and that all she has to do is her nightly reading for English. I'm ready to pull my hair out! I can't do the work for her and I can't turn it in for her. Those are her responsibilities but I can't get through to her.(Three years of summer school has not either) When the teachers say anything to her about it she clams up and starts to cry. (Just another one of her ploys) Which in turn gets her out of class. Over the years I've tried darn near everything. Any one got any good insight or advise on teens? Like I said I'll try just about anything.

OK enough of the downers, You'd think life was just terrible around here! Yes it gets rough at times, but what family don't have a few rough spots along the way? It's just that when you hit that same speed bump over and over it gets awfully old.

OK OK OK It's been one of those days and I feel like venting! But let's get to our Layouts and see if that improves things.

Our first layout to night has come to us from Robin.
Robins fur baby had some baby's of her own! Aren't they cute!
What breed is she Robin? and the pups? They look like they will be big!

Kit "Beautiful You" by: Digi Designs by Nicole

The kit is no longer available free on her blog but you can get it in her shop. If you hop on over to Nicole's blog you can get some pretty cool QP's made from this kit!
Simona sent in this next one that she did of her new kitten. Yep Mathilda joined them just a few months ago and then this one turned up hiding in there garage late last month. Her name Pulce translated to English means "Flea"! She was covered in them when they found her! She is a very affectionate little one and today while Simona and I were chatting she walked across Simona's Keyboard and had her computer doing all sorts of weird things. All in an attempt to get some lovin!
Kit: "Oh Crazy Girl" by Thaliris
This one I did for the Color Challenge this month at STS.
I snapped this picture looking across the river from our campsite.
Later that night it was so clear we were able to see the lights of the space station for a few minutes! It was a beautiful evening and a gorgeous night for sleeping under the stars.

The kit I used here is my "Autumn's Passion" that will be coming out on Sunday!
I also made this one awhile back when I was practicing my extracting and shadowing to make things pop up over frames and such. I used a picture of Simona's cat Lulu and then sent the finished LO to her as a small gift.
Oh Rats! I just accidentally deleted the Preview! Now I have to re upload it and my spacing in this post is going to be all messed up. Here goes...

Template #214
Kit: "Felty Pet" by Calico Designs

Tonight's Freebie Template #214

Click the preview to download
No hot linking please.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments and or advice on the Pumkin Time LO.

I had planned on working on it a bit today but I will have to put that off to Wednesday now. So if you have any more suggestions keep them coming!

llaxton ~ I would love to try out one of your textures! If you don't mind, send me a link.
I took a peak at both of your blogs but didn't really know which would be best to contact you on .

Alright everyone thanks for listening I'm in a much better mood now.
Have a good night and of course...
Until next time...
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