Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fan Kit Reminder

Hi everyone!
Just a quick note while I take a mini break from party preparations.
The "Steeler's Fan" Kit and Add-On will both expire tonight and will be flying away to retirement.
If you have not gotten your copy yet please do so now!

The next Fan Kit going up tonight will be the Ohio State Buckeyes! or as I call it the "Buckeye's Fan" Kit
This one will be available until Thursday night.

I have also gotten started on both the Twins and Yankees Fan Kits. Yeah! It's about time I did them!

If you have any Fan Requests please submit them on this post or email them to me. Fan kits can be for Collages, Pro Football, Baseball, Basketball you name it and I will at least try to make it!
I have even done a couple of High School ones on request. For a High School one please email me. I do have a couple of requirements for those.

Until next time...

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