Monday, October 19, 2009

Template # 216

Howdy Everyone!
Grab something to drink and maybe even snack. I have hardly said much of anything since last Wednesday, and well, now it's just gonna come spilling out. These last few days have just been crazy busy!

Let's see here.

Thursday all three kids got their flu shots.
Friday was the boys first Basketball practice of the season. I already like the coach much much better then the last two we had. This guy knows his stuff and finally in his third year of playing screens are actually being taught. Before it was all just run back and forth and shot the ball kind of playing. Some of the other players had younger siblings along to watch and the little one had a blast running around playing tag with them. The others were more like 6 and 7 but they all played well together. After Basketball practice I dropped of all the kids at grandpa's house. Yippee date night! Not! By the time I got home from dropping the kids off he was sound asleep. So instead I finished the "Twins Fan" Kit and posted it.

Saturday we got up and headed SW to Grandma's house to help load the moving truck.
Still no fall colors on our drive.

It was a good thing we went. None of the other grand kids showed up to help. Grandma's three girls came to help but her son was down with pneumonia so he was totally excused from having to help. Besides he has done an awful lot for grandma since all this started a couple of months ago. He lives the closest so most of it fell on his shoulders.
We finally got the truck loaded and while the "sisters " and grandma stayed to shampoo the carpets and mop the floors we took off for home with our own truck full to drop off at his cousins house. After drooping things off and gathering up the kids we headed north to his aunts house were grandma is moving to. We arrived thirty minutes after they got there with the truck. It was well after dark by then so we ate dinner and settled in for the night.

The next morning, Sunday dawned a bright and glorious fall day. Unfortunately nobody seemed in any hurry to get things unloaded. As my boyfriend and I carried each box into the house the "sisters" would pick through it and put it all away. After about an hour of this I had had enough and said " Come on! let's get this unloaded, there will be time for decorating later."

No luck.

Finally I just started packing it in to the house. I was on a deadline, we needed to leave by 2pm and at this point it was noon and hardly anything had been done!
Some how, I still don't understand how we did it but we did, the truck was unloaded and returned and a load was taken to storage and we were on the road home at 2:30. A bit later then planned but about as good as it gets with his family. None of them are ever on time for anything.
Now how about a few pictures.
the sisters as they call themselves.
"Sister where does this go?"
"Sister come here for a minute." ect
My MIL from Colorado is on the left, the sister on the right is from Hawaii, and the one in the middle is the one Grandma is now living with.

Oh no! just what we needed another derailment! Grandma
Two people and a dog rattle around this big o' house!
Yep that's Grandma's new house! Her daughter works her butt off for it! There is a wing on the left that is just as big as the one on the right!
I want her whirlpool tub! This ain't even the master bath it's the guest bath!

That pretty much brings us up to today which has been just as busy!
The boy missed the bus this mourning so that was a wonderful way to start a Monday! Once I got them all rounded up and dropped off at school I chatted with Simona until I had to get ready to meet with a client. After the meeting it was off to Walmart to pick up a couple of things. Grabbed lunch fast and brought it home to eat before we all had to go our separate ways again. He had to show one of our properties that we have for sale and I had to do garden clean up for a client. While I was there working my boyfriend called to tell me that we sold the property! We will get the down payment and do the paper work for it all on Tuesday afternoon.
We also had two new additions to our family today!
Meet Perry and Niko respectively.

Perry has a fascination with mirrors and Niko loves to be talked to. Both of them will respond to there names but are very skittish when it comes to handling them. There former owner did not have enough time to give them anymore and decided in there interest to find a better home for them. I know it will take patience and time but both of them are such sweet birds that I am sure with the attention they deserve they will soon sit on my shoulder while I work at the computer.
Well that pretty much brings us current on whats been up.
I was able to spend a little bit of time on the Yankees kit today. I think it will be Friday or Saturday for it's release.
In the mean time I do have tonight's Freebie Template #216 for you.
Click the preview to download
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Until next time...


NanaScraps said...

I love your templates...keep up the good work..thanks for sharing

Michele said...

What a busy weekend!!! I agree with you on the tub, I want one lol. I'm in for a full morning today, Nathan has his audiology appointment this morning. Hope your day goes well, and hopefully will get to email you later.


Anonymous said...

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