Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

Evening Everyone!
I hope you all had a safe forth of July. My day consisted of cleaning house and working on a new scrap kit.
But this evening We had a blast!
Meet Titan, err I mean Thor.

While researching Puggles a couple of weeks ago I came across a local breeder. I remember that my dad was interested in getting another Min Pin. Well one thing lead to another and I got to play foster mom for about 2 hours this evening. Grandpa, the girls and I went and picked the little guy up from the breeder. My dad got off work at 2 am Saturday morning and drove straight through to pick him up and turn around to head back to Wyoming to be to work on Monday. Very long drive just to pick up a dog. Anyway......

This next photo was taken just seconds after I handed the little guy over to my Dad.

This is Otus My Dads other registered Min Pin and Titan, I mean Thor's new big brother. Otus is pushing 14 and showing his age just a bit. hehe Great dog, my dads best friend, but don't mess with him, the truck, or my dad. You would think you had a rottweiler after you. I would much rather be bitten by the rottweiler, (yep happened while we were camping) then by this guy. Which has happened on way more then one occasion.

We just had to weigh the little guy. Can you tell were a fishing family? Berkley fish scale! ROFL The scale read 2.6 but the bucket alone was .2 so Thor is just shy of 2.5 pounds. Just a wee little guy!

One proud new Daddy!

My Dad, Otus and Thor.
After all was said and done. It was time to shoot off the fireworks! Out of all the pictures the one below is the only one that turned out. My camera just don't cut it for night time stuff. Oh well the girls had fun and that is what mattered, not the pictures.
Happy Fourth of July everyone!
I'll be back tomorrow (Sunday) with the list of Retiring QP's and maybe, just maybe, there will be a new freebie for you all!
Keep those layouts coming!
Until next time...

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