Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue Angels and Pajamas

Evening all!

Wow has it been loud around our town today. We are having an air show this weekend and the Blue Angels are here! You see, we live 2 miles straight out from the end of the runway. Not only do we get all the noise but we get a pretty good view too. Today was practice day for the Blue Angels. One even flew upside down over our house! The 5 of them flew in lots of different formations and even did the smoke trail thing. The boy and the youngest were the most impressed by them. By the end of the weekend I will have had my fill of them for the year. Show starts at 8:30 am so there will be no sleeping in for any of us this weekend!

Grandpa had come over shortly before the Blue Angels started flying and after they were done I told the little one to go check the water in the wadding pool. As she was bending over to test it Grandpa scooped her up and held her over the pool like he was going to drop her in. He decided against it since she was still running around in her pajamas. Yes it has been a lazy day here. :D After a few minutes she bent over to test the water again, I snuck over behind her and tossed her in! Pajamas, shoes and all! Her response was "Grandpa why did you do that!" We all laughed so hard at that! She really didn't mind it though, she climbed out took her shoes off and dived right back in. After a few more minutes the boy just could not resist the water and climbed in himself, fully clothed! The pool is definitely not big enough for the two of them but they made the best of it and had a blast splashing and horsing around.
I'm off to round out the day with a couple of hours of playing DAoC.
See you Friday with our next Double Template.
Until next time...

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Michele said...

I'm playing catch up can you Your house would be in the PERFECT location for my family! Dh and Zack love anything that flies, and have been know to stop (even walking through a parking lot) and look to the skies when they heard a plane or copter engine.