Monday, June 7, 2010

Template #250 ~ Freebie

Evening All!
First off Friday and Saturday I had my Rummage Sale. Sold over half the stuff we had. The Camper found a new home along with two of my fish tanks and stands! The 55 gal and the 10 gal ones both flew the coop. We had to close a bit early on Saturday due to rain but we had a good sale none the less. I had enough of it cleaned up Saturday night that grandpa was able to put his truck back in the garage.

Today we mowed three lawns and finished packing up the rest of the unsold things. Took a few box's to Goodwill and got the jet skies out of storage all before noon! This afternoon the rain moved in so we started in packing up the boys room. He wants it painted yellow and black for his birthday! Sorry no black is going on my walls! So we are going with a black chair rail (and trim) with yellow below and white on the upper walls.

I do have some June layouts to share with you, but those will have to wait for another night. We are having a nasty thunderstorm at the moment and I would like to turn this machine off before I fry another one!
Template #250 ~ Freebie

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