Friday, September 12, 2008

Freebie Friday

Oh what a week! Hope yours was better then mine.

Lets see here,

Monday while I was putting banana bread into the oven the little one escaped out of the house. Scared me half to death! She was only gone for a minute max two. Oh how my mind raced with every bad outcome. Thankfully we live on a dead end and she only went into the backyard to play with a ball. The lock on the screen door is no longer good enough to keep her in. Thankfully she has not figured out the deadbolt on the main door yet. But it won't be long!

Tuesday and Wednesday I layed low not feeling the best.

Thursday we ran errands and I had a argument with the teenager.

Today (Friday) I received a phone call from the teenagers school counselor. Turns out she is failing English and has a D in Algebra. Midterms are next week. I can't believe we are a month into the school year already!

Time definitely goes faster the older you get. I remember being in grade school thinking summer would never come. Then my senior year of high school I was asking myself were the school year had gone. Now it seems that if I blink I will miss something. There is never enough time in a day to accomplish everything I want or need to get done.

I spend my days with the little one and evenings with the family. I stay up till 2 or 3 am everyday and the alarm goes off at 5:30 am to start all over again. Now you know where the name Midnight Scrapping comes from!

I am going to take the weekend off, and turn the computer off to. The plan is to relax and just enjoy being a mom and "try" not to worry about all the little things that don't get done.

I hope you enjoy tonight's freebies.

Browns Fan Kit

Because of size this kit has been broken down into 2 downloads.
Half the papers and half the elements are in each download so make sure you get both downloads!

Sorry this item is no longer available

Gators Fan Kit

Click the preview to download
sorry this item is no longer available

Landscape Template # 13

Click the preview to download
sorry this item is no longer available

Template # 115

Click the preview to download

No Hot linking Please!

Please leave some love if you download, all I ask for is a simple, thx.

** Every 20th commenter will receive a Grab Bag! This will run through this Sunday the 14th at midnight. On Monday the 15th I will post the names of the lucky commenter's. You can comment as often as you like but you can only win once this week. Sorry.

I'll be back Monday night with the winners and your free Fan Kit!
* I officially hate Blogger, my spacing never saves properly, Anyone have any advice?

*Edit 11:15 pm- 3 hours, a weeks worth of my soap opera and 4shared is finally done uploading. Hurray! Have a good weekend everyone!!
Until next time...


Michele said...

You had quite the week!!
I completely agree with about how time goes by. My baby will be 9 months old in a few weeks, and it seems like just yesterday I was telling dh it was time to go to the hospital (at midnight when it was like 0 degrees outside), now next thing I know he'll be walking :o(.
Enjoy your weekend with your family.
Thank you for the templates!!!

Michele said...

BTW...the hours you keep sound a lot like mine. If I want to get any scrapping done, it's usually after 9pm until I can't keep my eyes open, and then I have to be up by 6:15am for my daycare kids...
Cheers to us night owls, who have some how managed to run homes, raising kids, and work schedules on 3 hours or less of sleep.

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much for sharing your work with us. I only have one child (son, 13 months) and I cannot imagine having more. :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Sep [LA 12:44am, NY 02:44am, UK 07:44am, OZ 05:44pm] ).

Jody said...

I do wish you would get more sleep. Over time the lack of sleep is going to take it's toll on your health. I would rather se you healthy than seeing that we have downloads. I really worry that you do not get enough rest.

Nicole said...

Wow - what a crazy week and you've still had time to create your fantastic designs. My hat is off to you.
Thank-you so much for sharing.

Stephanie said...

I can't imagine living off of only 3 hours of sleep! I too am a night owl, but I don't wake up until between 7-8. My kids are homeschooled, so I don't get up until they do!

Thanks for the template.

Sarah said...

Thank you so much! My husband is a HUGE Browns fan and I am planning on making something for him with your kit! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with such interesting templates.

Cara said...

Thank you for this great kit! My daughter played soccer and her team is name the Gators. So this worked perfectly. They were even the right colors. I love your templates as well!