Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wedding Frames

Good evening everyone!

A very dear friend of mine married his wonderful bride today! Unfortunately because the wedding was out of state I was unable to attend. My thoughts are with them today as they exchange vows.

They have had many challenges in there 5 years of dating.

6 months after they started dating he was forced to move out of state because of a job transfer, and she chose to stay behind. They were apart (only in miles) for a year and in that time she was diagnosed with cancer and went through treatment with out him beside her. Also while they were apart his brother was involved in a small airplane crash. He survived it but was layed up for a long time.

Only a few months after he moved back I remember how happy he was when he proposed. He texted me only minutes after having asked her "I'm Engaged!!" it said. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I got his text.

2 years ago they started plans for building a house. They purchased a lot and started building 8 months later. The house was finished this last Christmas(2007) and they moved in to there new home in January.

In February they finally set the wedding date. I again received a text from him telling me the date. Later when we had a chance to talk on the phone he was beside himself with glee.

This last Thursday night I had the chance to talk to him for about 45 minutes. I had not talked to him in a while so it was nice to chat a bit. I apologized again for not being able to attend the wedding and he said he understood and that I could have all the pictures I wanted when they get back from there honeymoon at the end of the month. I have never heard him so calm and sure of himself before. He is most definitely prepared to take this next step in there journey together.

I have watched him grow and mature into a handsome determined young man. To me he is the little brother I never had.

To the new couple,
May your journey together be everything you expect it to be.

I wish you both the very best!


frame by: Delicouse Scraps

Tonight's Freebie:
Wedding Frames Freebie

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In other news.

I finished the other half of the house painting Friday. I still have the trim to get to. I was supposed to do it today but when I opened the paint can, the color was completely wrong! So tomorrow I have to get new paint. I should have done it today but my heart wasn't in it, my thoughts were with my friend and so I made tonight's freebie instead.

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Sep [LA 12:09am, NY 02:09am, UK 07:09am, OZ 05:09pm] ).

Michele said...

These are great!! My step daughter was married this past May, and while dh and I were unable to attend (they went to CA where her mom lives), I have lots of pictures that I have yet to scrap.
Thank you!!!

BTW...if you get a chance, check my blog, I made some LO this evening with you Bronco's kit, and should (hopefully, I haven't posted as of writing this) have them posted at some point...

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much! These are really awesome!