Friday, September 26, 2008


Finally today is over!
The little one was feeling her oats today and the last 16 hours have been very, very loooong. It all started with her falling/ rolling out of bed at 6am.
When I went to grab my keys off the island so I could take the oldest to school we discovered my keys were gone. It felt like it was 10 min but in just a few minutes I had tried to get her a ride with the neighbor, but she had already left. Still could not find the keys so a call was placed to great grandpa for a ride, but at this point she was gonna be tardy even with a ride from him. Finally after what seemed forever the keys were found in the bottom of the toy box and we were out the door. Made it to school with 5 min to spare.

Through out the day I swear the little one used every not so good phrase she could think of. "Hate This", "Whatever" (both from the oldest),"I don't know", " I can't" and of course the classic"No". Just looking at her would set her off. The terrible two's are defiantly showing themselves the last couple of weeks. She also refused to take a nap today.

At 7:30 tonight I got a phone call from the oldest who is staying at Great Grandpa's tonight, saying that she lost her invisaline braces today at school. Instead of calling as soon as she got to his place so I could call the dentist, we now have to wait till Monday. She has only had them a week!

Also the oldest and Great Grandpa co-own a cat that lives with grandpa. Wednesday night some time during the night the cat passed away. Grandpa found her Thursday morning. So the oldest has been really emotional. Look at her or say the wrong thing and she is off in a flood of tears.

9:15pm Back to the little one who is still up screaming her little head off. Can't touch her, can't talk to her, over tired has set in and the world is falling apart around her. It is over an hour past bedtime.
9:20 she leans against me and the sobbing and screaming become a whimper.
9:23 out cold.
9:25 carry the little one to bed! Horray!
And so we come to the present.

I have put the finishing touches on 5 more kits that I will be releasing over the next week. I would of had them done last night but I absolutely hate making Previews.
For those of you who have asked about a Nascar kit. I have given it a great deal of thought and I will start work on one for you all. I will not do one for each driver, how ever, I do promise to make it large with lots of variety. I have been a Nascar fan for as long as I can remember. It was always Sr. and then came along Jr. I was watching the day Sr. died. I was very torn when it was announced that Kevin Harvick would take over the car. Do I stick with the car and team or do I go strictly Jr? I went both. I didn't care who finished first or how they placed so long as "My Boys" got it done. This year I hardly watched any of the races. Jr has changed teams and I am still undecided about it. What happened to Tony Jr. his old crew chief? Anyone know?

Alright Blab fest is over,
Thanks for hangin in there!

Saints Fan Kit Freebie

Click the preview to download

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Until next time...


Michele said...

As far I know Tony Jr is still with Jr, as well as Tony Sr. We haven't watched alot of races either, but last I checked, Jr was rocking in like 4th in the standing. I too was watching when Sr crashed, and it was a terrible moment to watch Jr race from his 2nd place finish to the hospital where they took his dad. It was a sad day in racing when that happened.
Thank you for considering a NASCAR kit, however you put it together will be great, you've done such a wonderful job with the team kits!
Hope tomorow goes better with your 2yo, if it makes you feel any better, my 3yo has strep, and the baby is currently running a temp of 101.9, and fighting a cough he's had for a week...
Have a great weekend,

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 27 Sep [LA 12:39am, NY 02:39am, UK 07:39am, OZ 05:39pm] ).

Jody said...

I hope the morning brings a day of joy to you. How well I remember those "bad" days when my children were young. Somehow we make it through.

Jemenifer22 said...

I do hope your day gets better today!

Thanks a gazillion for the Saints kit!! Love it! You are too awesome!

Margaret said...


Thanks from a fellow Saints fan.

smileyface_108 said...

Wonderful Saints Kit. Thank you for sharing! :) oh yeah. Tony Jr. is still with Jr.