Friday, August 15, 2008


Since I only received 2 votes as to what anyone wanted for a freebie. I have decided to do something special for the two lady's who did leave there comments.

Michele and Sharon Kay I appreciate that you two took the time to leave your comments. I will let you both know when I have your surprises wrapped up.

Sharon Kay will you please email me so I can send you your surprise. my email is in my profile.
Michele I have your email, Thank you.

I will see if I can get them sent out this evening or in the morning for you wonderful lady's!

Now for everyone! I have this question...
Do you use more layouts with single pictures or multiple pictures?
Just leave a comment and let me know!


lwlittlebit said...

I like to find templates that have at least 2 pictures and three is even better. I love the cirle and oval frame openings and use them often. If I find one with both circles and ovals on the same template, I'm really happy! Linda

Tristan van Schie said...

I really like template for a lot of pictures...the more the better. I love it when the frames on the template have an ''old'' grungy look.

Thank you for all your beautiful templates. I've downloaded them all and can't wait to use them!

Love from Holland,


Michele said...

Oh that's a hard question!! I like them both, but I think I use the ones with multiple pictures more, simply because once I start taking pictures, I have a hard time stopping!
Thank you for sharing all your hard work!! I love to scrap, but have a hard time putting my LO's together without the aid of templates, I think I may have more of those than I do
Thank you again!!

FamilyHistoryScrapper said...

I'm a big one on a page person...but then again there are those two and three photo pages. I don't usually use more than 3 on a layout. I do a lot of heritage layouts and they lend themselves to single photo. I find the 8 -10 photo slots to be too many for my liking. I do like the odd shapes thou, and circles work for me.
Thanks for all your great freebies.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever have just one picture for a page because I take too many pictures.