Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July Gifts

Howdy everyone!
Just a quick little stop in.

Nanascraps, I found the link to your July LO's, thank you! Could you please shoot me an email? I'll explain more in my email back to you.

Have I missed sending anyone else the July Participation Gift?

I got the dirt work done this morning at grandpa's and now it's off to mow lawns then back to work at his place this evening. I did finish siding the east gable last Saturday. Not sure if I had told you all that yet. More or less it's just a lot of little busy work putting the finishing touches on it now.

Grandpa is taking the boy bike shopping this afternoon while I mow. Someone stole his fancy mongoose stunt bike last spring and he has been with out a bike all summer. Maybe now he will remember to use the bike lock!

Alright gotta run! First client is in 30 min!

Until next time....

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