Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
We defiantly got our white Christmas. 12 inches in the last 36 hours and we are expecting another 1-2 inches an hour through out today. We have postponed our family Christmas until Sunday. The interstates were shut down last night and the City has officially announced that travel within the city is not allowed and any non emergency vehicles will be ticketed. The plows can't keep up and only emergency routes will be kept open.
Santa made it safely and the kids were all thrilled with what he brought. We also gave them the Wii and explained that it was a combo gift to all of them from Jama, Grandpa Tim, us and Santa had to chip in some and help us out with it. I had divided all the games, controls and extras we got for it into two boxes, that way I had a total of three gifts, one for each child to open.
I also received my gift. I actually got it a couple of days ago and have been studying the book so I could use it properly this morning. A new camera! Pictures to come tonight when I'm back with our Double Template Friday freebie!
Merry Christmas to all!
Until next time...

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Happy holidays!!!