Monday, August 31, 2009

Template #209

Evening All!
Here it is the end of another month. Can you believe it? Septembers here already!
Barb got her layouts in did you?
Where does the time go? You blink and it's gone!
Check out how much this little guy has grown up! He's a cutie!

kit: unknown

Kit: unknown
Thank you Barb for sharing with us. How is little Franklin doing?
As for my day. It was jam packed full.
Although I do have one funny little story to tell.
While shopping at Walmart (don't get me started on Walmart) an older gentlemen shopping alone stoped to say hi to our little one. (This I am used to with the older folks in our town.) After saying hi to her and asking her, her age, he turned to me and asked if I minded if he showed me a picture of his pride and joy (This I'm not used to). Being nice I said sure (what's a few moments spent chatting). He dug through his wallet and pulled out an old tattered photo that was folded in half. He handed this to me. I found my self looking at a picture of a bottle of "Pride" dish soap and "Joy" dish soap! Get it! Pride and Joy! Even the little one got part of the joke. When she saw the picture she said "Hay! that's not kids that's soap!" I love it when the older generations have such a wonderful sense of humer! We chatted for a bit longer and then went about our merry ways.

Think I will be calling it an early night tonight. My body is still kicking me back for staying up till 3am on Saturday morning and then not going to bed at all on Saturday night. My body has been reminding me since I rolled out of bed this morning that I'm not 20 anymore. So with that I will say good night.
Freebie Template #209
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