Sunday, August 30, 2009

Got Tomatoes?

Good Morning Everyone!
Thank you all for your comments and your well wishes for "the boy". Friday morning he was back to normal and even got himself up early to do his homework before school! I should have gotten a picture, that's a first around here!

The kids all stayed at Grandpa's Friday night and our date was a good one. We picked up Ribeye Steak dinners complete with loaded mashed potatoes and corn on the cob from Chilli's and brought them home to dine. After dinner we watched a bit of TV then headed out for ice cream. We called it an early evening and after he went to bed I stayed up and played DAoC till 3 am!

Today I set about canning tomatoes! I started shortly after noon and just pulled the last jars out of the cooker! While I waited for them I sat down and scraped the following layout. Don't let the pictures deceive you. This was only about a 10th of how many I actually did today. After dinner tonight the girls and I had to run and get more jars! If this keeps up I will be canning twice a week and we only have 6 plants! We also have 1 cherry tomato plant and 1 grape tomato plant.

Double Template #33 (Side B rotated)

Kit: Whats Cookin by Dreamsfulfilled (some items recolored)


Well the last jars have now made their "pop" sound and I think I'm gonna go play for a bit before I hit the hay.
Thank you and have a great Sunday everyone!
Until next time...
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