Sunday, October 19, 2008


What a weekend!
We had some extreme drama happen Friday and it was a long day and evening of pacing and wondering if we should be packing up the kids and heading out. Phone updates every hour or so just didn't solve/relieve any of the anxiety's. We made it through the immediate danger but things are not out of the woods yet. If we can get good results in the next couple of weeks things might be ok but this could very well be, a very long road. I'd tell you all more but I'm still trying to absorb everything yet. just wanted to clue you in as to why Fridays post was so very brief. I even forgot to put in the"click preview for download". Sorry!
Saturday was a long day of worry and cleaning house.
Sunday I went out to do some more painting after an hour I couldn't stand it any more and quit. I have never seen so many Asian lady beetles. I think that's what there called. They look like a lady bug but are more orange then red in color, and they bite! Man can they bite! They were constantly flying into the wet paint and at one point I counted 5 of them on my leg. Stomping your foot does not knock them off, you have to flick them off. Nasty little buggers!

I also managed to scrap all the old caulking out of the bathtub corners and seams and recaulked it all. Looks good if I do say so myself. The bad part is I had the caulk gun all cleaned up and the half used tube cleaned up and ready to put away I made the mistake of letting the stuff sit on the bathroom counter while I made supper so the caulk gun could dry from washing. "The Boy" found it. I now have a drain full of caulk and the bathroom sink has a nice smeared caulk texture to it. Of course it was a couple of hours before I found the mess. What on earth posses kids to do this kind of stuff? Two weeks ago it was cooking spray.

Now if you have made it through the weekend, You deserve the next instalment of the team kits.

Colts Fan Kit

5 papers, 30 elements

Click the preview to download
No hot linking please

Have a good night everyone!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

go Colts thank you!

Jody said...

My prayers are with you that whatever the danger you are in will be over soon. I am so sorry you are experiencing this stress.

Please take care

Michele said...

I hope all turns out for the best for you and your family, my prayers are with all of you.
Your house sounds like it's coming along well!

Anonymous said...

Go Colts!!!!! Thank you very much for the kit.