Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buckeye's Fan Kit

Good evening all!

Hope your day was a good one, ours was pretty boring. Unless you count the potty training. The last week and a half has been a dream.(knock on wood) For the last 11 days we have not used any diapers or pull ups. We have had 4 accidents. 1 was during the night and the other 3 she just wasn't able to get the her pants down fast enough. When she accomplishes it and stays dry she marches around telling everyone that her "Elmo's Dry". We let her pick out her own panties at the store and she seems bound and determined to keep her "Elmo's dry".

But enough about potty training we're all here to scrap!

Tonight's freebie is:

Buckeye's Fan Kit

Click the preview to download

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Until next time...


Michele said...

Sounds like you potty training is going great! Hope it continues to go well. Not much going around here either, the kids have P-T confrences this week, so Bri is off till monday, and Dustin has 1/2 day thursday and none on friday. My house is going to be FULL those two days because one of the kids I babysit is on the same schedule as Dustin. 6 kids, one 3 bedroom apartment...it's gonna get ugly....lol
Have a good day!

Jody said...

Thanks for the update on potty training! That is amazing that she is going dry at night too. Must be magic in them Elmos! LOL

scphotographer said...

Thanks so much for the Ohio State football kit, even the dh is excited!