Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Raining

It's getting pretty water logged around here. Four straight days of rain and now the farmers can't get the crops out of the fields. My cousin's organic beans are a complete loss. It was to wet of a spring for the crops to get a good start. Some people even had to replant. Then this fall it's been to wet for the fields to ripen properly and now all this rain just caps off another bad season. Some fields are so bad their just going to plow them under come spring. At least that's his plan for one of his fields.
On an up note we have decided that since we are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year that a couple of days after Christmas we might head out to Denver to see grandma and Grandpa and take the kids on there first ski trip up to Winter Park. The kids will take lessons first but I'm just gonna wing it.

Now let's get down to some scrapping business.

1) I will be closing the team kit requests at the end of the month.
Kits still in the works:

Get your requests in soon! You can leave a comment here on the Blog or send me an email. You can find my email in my profile in the sidebar.

2) I'm still looking for input for the Nascar kit. Who is your favorite Nascar Driver and who do you like least?

3) For the next couple of weeks I will be running some small little challenges. They will each run for 1 week, Friday to Friday. The first starts tonight.
Template Challenge
a) Must use one of my templates.
b) Must be "emailed" this makes giving you, your gift a lot easier (reply button).
c) Must include full credits.
d) Subject line of email should read "Template Challenge"
e) Entries will be displayed on the blog.

Your gift for participating , an exclusive 12 x 12 Template. This template will never be given away on the blog.

New challenge and a new gift next week.

I also managed to get a layout done tonight. It's the first one I've done in almost 2 months. I'm a bad scrapper!

The Great Outdoors Kit by: Cuddlebeez Scraps

The font is my personal hand writing

Now for tonight's freebie:
Cowboys Fan Kit

Make sure to get "Both" downloads!
no hot linking please

Have a good weekend everyone!

Until next time...


Michele said...

WooHoo!! Sign me up for your challenges, cause I love you gifts!! Your templates rock!! I'm in the process of using one of your double ones to scrap pictures from Bri's party last weekend. All the kiddos (well except the baby) are actually staying at grandmas tonight, so I might finally get it finished....
Hope your rain dries out soon, I'm sorry that your cousin lost his crop, as if the economy right now isn't bad enough...
Have a great weekend!!

sdwrdt said...

we spent time this summer near Winter Park. I'm so jealous!