Tuesday, November 20, 2007


What a crazy weekend it was! First my son had his first basket ball game on Saturday morning. Which they won 14-12 Way to go Nuggets! Then the oldest had her bowling. When all this settled down and the older two had gone to great grandpas for the night I decided to drive to one of our neiboring towns to visit with some relatives and see the new bull dog puppy that was born the day before.

24 hours old

Then on the way home on the interstate my transmission in my car decided to cut out. I had our 13 month old with me so that turned into a big barrel of monkeys. I managed to limp the car off the interstate and on to a parrelling highway that still brought me back home but with only first and second gear it was a slow limp home. Sunday I spent reserching the possible problems and solutions and on Monday I spent a large part of the day under the car working on the transmission. Yep thats right I even work on my own vehicals. I managed to get third gear back so it will be ok for around town. But it's defanitly time to replace it. This is not the first time I've had issues with the transmission and back in June I hit a large piece of steal on the interstate that tore the pan open on the transmission. So who's to say that it was not damaged then. Besides all that first gear has slipped off and on ever since I got the car 7 years ago.

Now that I have vented, lets get to some LO's that I have done these past couple of days.

First off is one of my sons cat "Ashes" using the Happy Scrapz Kit Wind of Change.

Our relatives cat. She passed away about a week after this picture was taked.


Leaves by: Gina Maria

Paper is NightFall by: katg1006

Font: Heather

And last but not least I took a trip down memory lane last night about my Grandmather who passed away in 1997. While I was on this much needed trip I put together the following LO. It is just one of the Happy things I remember about her. She was born in 1932 and was struck with polio as a child. She had a natural gift with nature and loved all animals great and small. Even though her favorite rabbit would eat her favorite flowers all she ever did was shake her head and smile knowing it made her rabbit happy.

The kit used is Sindiego's new kit Floral Delight. If you haven't checked out her site you should! I think she averages a new full size kit every week! You work hard girl if you ever need anything just let me know! Fonts used are : MS Sans Serif and Old English

You can find all of Sindiego's beautiful kits on her blog at Sindiego Scrap's.

Anyone know how to get the spacing to stay put when you publish? All these big gaps are not in supposed to be in here.


Sindiego said...

I love this layout! I'm sorry to hear that your last few days haven't been what you'd call great. I'm glad you have your vehicle working to some degree. Seems like everything happens at the same time. Glad you got home safely.

Thanks for your kind words about my kit and my blog. I appreciate the plug.

Call me, tonight, and I'll try to help you with the spacing problem. I've experienced it many, many times!

Talk to you later. :)

Sindiego said...

Hi Jen...I still can't send you an email so I'm leaving my letter here. You can keep it here or delete it...as you wish.

I love your layout and I love the fish...lol. What a nice tribute. I'm glad your sleepless night paid off. I tried to send you a couple of messages last night on Skype but maybe you didn't see them. I was, also, up late! Maybe nobody slept. Cra-Z-cat pulled an all nighter too. Lucky dog...she's probably still sleeping. I've been up and cleaning and getting ready for my big dinner, tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous layout. I'll add it to my slide show shortly. Thanks, also, for making the QP for me. I will be a nice addition to the others. I'm anxious to get sharing them.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please drive carefully. :)

Talk to you when you get back.