Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and some Questions

The good news is that Grandpa came home from the hospital last tuesday afternoon but the bad news is I promptly got sick on wednesday! I have not been feeling the best for close to a month now. what started out as alergies has now turned into a nasty head/chest cold that i just can't shake.

So I have been in a bit of a slump. I have lost my inspiration to scrap LO's and I have not been taking the usually pictures. My camera is normally glued to my side, but in the last 2 weeks I have snapped a whole 10 pictures. This is so not me! I hope I get to feeling better soon.

But since I've been so sluggish I have been practicing how to make things in photoshop. Such as handmade bows and ribbons. I have been working on a kit in grey and Mauve colors. I love the colors but I'm not sure of my ability in making some of the elements. I will try and get a preveiw of it up this evening. If anyone has any ideas for a name for the kit please leaave a comment I would love to here from you! I will be offering the kit as a freebie this coming week sometime. Since this will be my first freebie kit I could use some advise on packaging it up for 4shared and about the terms of use. I have not written a TOU yet. So if anyone would be willing to give me some advice I would appreciate it greatly.

Also SirScrapalot has the second set of his year round bragbook pages up for grabs and Derek has more of his "Cast Iron" up for grabs.

Have a great weekend end everybody I will be back with that preview for you all this evening!

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