Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi Everyone!
Just a quick little note. I have managed to lock myself out of my email for the time being. I'm waiting for customer service to get back to me to unlock it. So if you have sent an email in the last couple of days and are waiting for me to respond. I'm sorry, I will get back to you as soon as I can gain access to my email once again. I suspect someone may have tried to hack into it since my password and reset options are all locked down. Give me a few days and I will see if I can get into it again.

Michele- pretty sure your waiting on an email but I will call you Wednesday am. OK?

Simona - Everything is going great. I'll email you as soon as I can!

Alright I have to run to walmart, so I'll end off here.
Have a great day everyone!

Until next time...

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light said...

Thanks for letting me know you arrived safe and sound! I was beginning to worry. I wanted to drop you a line yesterday evening but got asleep too soon. And now I ready you couldn't read it anyway so... talk to you as soon as I can!