Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fear and a Template

What a miserable couple of days. Over the weekend I developed a bad tooth ache. On Monday it felt like someone was holding a live electric wire to it. Constant zapping pain that would shoot up into my nose and out into my upper cheek. In the last 6 months I have had two abscesses and knowing what would be coming in a few days, I was practically beside myself. And to my dismay my dentist was closed for a long weekend. By noon I had had enough and called my dentist at home. She was so awesome! Within 15 min she had called in a prescription for pain meds and antibiotics for me! And by the time I got home from picking up the prescription her scheduling person was calling me to set up an appointment to have the tooth pulled, today! What an awesome crew!
My appointment was for 5pm and by 4pm I was so worked up and nervous about going that I was really getting sick to my stomach. As soon as I arrived they called me back and did the x-rays and the doctor came in right away, I was so impressed! 3 x-rays later we ready to get started, I have never had a tooth pulled that I was awake during (wisdom teeth I was knocked out for) so the Dentist explained everything that she was going to do.

During a past dental experience many many years ago I had a tooth reconstructed with only Novocaine as a pain killer and the Novocaine did not work.
I think this is where my fear of dentist began.

The dentist gave me two different kids of Novocaine and then after she started she saw we tighten up so she stopped and gave me another dose of the one kind. 10 min later the tooth was out! A bit of pulling and pushing type pressure but no pain! Well 1 tiny spot that lasted only a few seconds. At that point they said take a deep breath and then it was all over.

From the time I walked into there office to the time I walked out was 35 minutes.

Now I sit here and play with the hole with my tongue I know I shouldn't but it sure is hard not to play with it.

And for those of you who wonder why I talk about this topic so much but say so little about anything else, Well it's a type of therapy if you would say. I suffer from anxiety and have panic attacks so bad they have landed me in the hospital. I used to hide and bury all my worries and fears but slowly I am learning to let go.

This is a way for me to deal with my fears and also to learn from you wonderful people.

The comments you leave, mean so much to me. Everything from the simple thank yous to those of you who share your stories with me, you have no idea how much I appreciate all of them.

Thank you!

Now if you have made it this far I do have a freebie for you. I wish I had more tonight but from the above I think you'll understand that I didn't get much done the last couple of days.

Template # 102

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Maria said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the templates you have shared. I'm not good at leaving messages usually, but had to say I know exactly how you feel about dentists. I hate them too to the point of it being a phobia.