Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well tomorrow is the big day. At least to me it is. My Fiance and I have been fighting alot the last few days. The closer the day gets the worse the fights. I am terrified and it's getting worse, I only got 3 hours sleep last night and 4 the night before. Constant nightmares about not waking up tomorrow. And it does not help matters when all he has to say is" stop worrying it will be fine".
my grandfather is staying with the kids while I'm gone and then he is going to stay while I recover so my fiance doesn't have to. To me that part is wrong, he shouldn't have to do that, my fiance should be staying with me but at this point I don't really know if I would want him to stay.

OK sorry, I needed to vent before I blew a gasket! lol

I know it's 1/3 fear, 1/3 anger at him for the lack of caring, 1/3 frustration with all of it.

I'll be back this evening with a new template for you all!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! They mean more to me then you'll ever know.
Thank you!
Right now I think there the only thing getting me through all this. Thank you all for all your kind words.

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Gee, I would be rethinking the fiance'. I don't think it would be a good idea to marry him. Hey, if he ain't helping now, he'll continue not helping if you marry him. You'll get more of the same...do some more shopping before you settle on this one. He doesn't seem to be a keeper.