Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Template #277 ~ Freebie

Morning Everyone. 
I hope this past week was a good one for you all. It was a stressful and emotional one for us. First off our home owners association has rules on dogs. 18 inches or under. Last Thursday the president of the home owners thingy came pounding on the door demanding to see the dog. She measured at 18 inches but I was told the dog goes or we go! He said we lied and that we were hiding the dog. NOT! How is it hiding a dog when the kids take her for walks around the neighborhood and such? Everyone knew we had her. 
When the oldest found out she flipped out on me. She had herself so worked up over it she literally made herself sick. She attempted -------  last year and I'm definitely worried how she is handling things. She refuses to talk about it and when I talked to her counselor she couldn't get her to talk about it either.  She has us all very worried.  The boy seems to be in a state of shock over it. 

So last night we took Sadie over to Grandpa's house and he is going to keep her for a while, until we get things sorted out. Sadie cried as much as the kids and I did when we left to come home. I called him later in the evening to see how it was going and she could hear me on the phone. She crawled up in his lap and licked the phone! I was going to go visit her and walk her today but the little one has a fever and is staying home from school. Friday or Saturday night I think the kids and I will spend the night at grandpa's, if everyone is feeling ok that is. Don't want to get Grandpa sick. He has had a really good winter in that aspect.

Now your all wondering what are we going to do to resolve all this? Right?

It's time to reach out and go after the dream!
We are moving! Out of town and out of state! AND Grandpa is coming with us! Sadie and Missey (Grandpa's cat) will be joining us too!

I've always wanted to see the mountains out my window and have some horses. Step one, the mountain view! After that I'm sure it will be a few years to save up to get land and horses, but we will be that much closer!

Nothing is gonna happen real fast. We have to sell our home, grandpa's house and 4 rental property's first!
We talked to the kids last night about how they would feel leaving there friends behind and they were very supportive about the move. They also understand the only family we have here is Grandpa and since he is coming with us there really is no reason to stay here. Where we are moving has most of the family! Moving will also put Grandpa closer to my Dad and Aunt. So hopefully they will visit him more often. He has not seen his Daughter (my aunt) in 5 or 6 years! They talk on the phone a few times a year but that's it.

We are selling everything that is not a necessity so that we can move a bit lighter! 6 people and two homes is a lot of stuff and a lot of junk that's not needed. If all goes well we should be moved and semi settled before school starts this fall. We will notify our tenants this week about the sales and give them the option to buy or at least be ready for a new landlord! I am so looking forward to the move but not the prep work! 

Today I have another layout to share with you.

It don't get any fresher then this!
Bits and pieces from each of the following kits:
"Along the Beach" by: Manu Designs
"Tropical Paradise" by: Creations By Rachael
"Welcome to Paradise, Bundle" by: Studio Flergs 

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Michele ~ please get in touch with me. My last email to you was bounced back undeliverable!
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Christie said...

Cool template - thanks for sharing!

Wow, sounds like a place you guys might be glad to leave with all their pickiness. I can't believe you're moving after that - so bold! Pretty cool.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this template...

Anonymous said...

Thank you..Good Luck in your move! Been there.. done that!

NanaScraps said...

ugh....I hate moving.....but that is cool that you are so you can keep your dog.....people can be so anal at times....thanks 4 the template

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Mar. 09, 2011. Thanks again.

Bene said...

merci pour le partage :)