Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Adventures

Evening Everyone!
Wow! Thank you all so much for your well wishes! You make it sound like I'm really leaving! I'm just slowing down a bit and trying to find my joy in scrapping again. It will all be hit and miss as to when I post except for the P365 templates. I'm not going to keep a schedule and just see where it leads us. Hopefully on some new and exciting adventures! I really need to get back to spending more quality time with the family and focusing more on the everyday moments in life.

Tonight I need your help.
What is going on with the shadows for the leaves in this layout?!
I don't like them and the longer I keep trying to make the shadows on them look real the worse it gets! I get so frustrated with shadowing, I usually give up on it but then I'm never satisfied with the layout.
Does anyone have any advice on shadowing? Or know of a good tutorial. Shadowing is a major downfall of mine that I would really like to improve on.

Once I finalize the layout I'll re post it with the template (if you guys want it) and full credits.

Thanks Everyone!
Until next time...


Simona said...

Hello my friend! Long time not in touch, uh? I was sad to read about the problems with your daughters, will try to send you a message later. Right now I wanted to tell you about the styles I am using for shadows. It's Megan Turnridge's and you can find the styles to use in PS and the tutorial here:
It's a bit longer using them because you first apply the shadow and then a second shadow for definition. You'll see it! It works great, I warp my shadows the way I want them to be but I always start from those style and I cannot be more happy!!

NanaScraps said...

I think your shadow on the string is too high..makes it look like it is not part of the frame/pic..I hope all goes well with you and your daughters...I have one that has given me nothing but trouble from the time she turned 13 till about

Radka said...

Woooooow, beautiful blog and pictures, have a nice day Radka.