Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fed Up!

Anyone else fed up with winter yet? I know we are? I'm itching to go jetsking and camping. Even yardwork would be welcomed at this point. The only thing good about winter is the holidays. I love getting together with family and friends to celebrate. I just wish it didn't have to be so COLD. If I could only find a place that never got above ..oh say the high 80's and never got colder then a light frost I'd be in heaven!

As to the family, we have all been sick. We have been taking turns at this and with the five of us it seems to take forever from the time the first person gets it untill the last person feels well again. (2-3 weeks) We are all on the mend now and I finally sat down and did an Lo last night while I watched the new American Pie movie. It was all right, not as good as the first one's but it still touched on the story line a bit and gave some new information about Jim and Michelle.


Red Corners by: LindaJD

String Heart by: Barb Derksen

Background paper and Frame by: Me

Font: Chocolate Box

Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the use of actions used on this LO.

That's about it for no so I'm off to wrap myself around a book and transport my mind to a much warmer place while the kids work on there Valentine's. Have a good week everyone!

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