Friday, August 24, 2007


It's been a rainy week here, but the clouds finally broke today! So we finally got out and about to do our weekly errands. With so much rain I had lots of time to do some LO's. The two I"ll post tonight are the last 2 for this months challenges at Happy Scrapz. What size do you Lady's and Gents save in for uploading to the web? Like do you reduce size/quality or do you upload the original? or am i even making sense? LOL Please forgive me, I am new to all this blogging and sharing. I even took a chance on stepping out of my little hole by posting a LO over at Stone Accents Studio for there Heritage challenge for this month. I had everything going and was uploading my LO when all of a sudden I got an error on the page. It said it upload correctly but I can't find it at all over there. I looked around for some info about it over there but no luck. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it greatly. but for now I'll just stay in my little hole, I was second guessing myself about posting anywhere but here since I'm not real comfortable with my own skills at scrapping yet. I see so many beautiful LO's that put mine to shame, I only wish I could create like all those great designers and scrappers out there. Thank you all for all the wonderful Inspiration and for sharing your work with me.

Now on to the LO"s..

The surprise challenge

Journaling reads:

Our family emigrated here from Germany
And spent many years living around the New York area.
Once the Dakota Territories were opened for settlement we packed up and headed west to be amongst the first settlers here.
That original claim is still in our family. Although it has changed alot and had it’s ups and down through the years, it has always been a source of pride to me. I hope that when the day comes I will be granted the opportunity to carry on with the Family Farm and in keeping our pioneering heritage alive for the next generations to enjoy.

Around the edge:

My Great Grandfather Phillip the 4th passed away a few years before I was born but he has always been a great inspiration to me. He may not have been the original claim filer, (his great grandfather) Philip the 1st was. But it was his stubborn as a mule attitude with a heart of gold that turned that small farm into what it is today. It was ruff raising a family on a farm in the 1930’s and raising a daughter that had been inflected with polio at an early age. That daughter would later become my grandmother.


Feeling Wonderful Kit By JulieO at Stone Accents Studio

Fonts: Times New Roman and JI-Gabled

Font Challenge


Childs Drawing's kit by Ale Modolon Designs

Fonts: StarShineMF and times New Roman

Around the edge Journaling reads:

You love to performe for the camera so much so that you can be in the middle of a screaming fit and as soon as you see me get the camera you stop and start laying on the charm (or tears when necassary). Today your horse was your prop of choice. You love to make people laugh and the harder we laugh at you the harder you laugh!

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