Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June LO catch up

Evening All!
I have some wonderful layouts to share with you all tonight!

Kit: Unknown

My Layouts use Double Template #34
Kit: "Half Moon Bay" by: Chelle's Creations
Font: It Ain't Rocket Science

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Until next time...

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Chris and Christie said...

I wanted to tell you thank you SO much for the templates. I just discovered your site through Creative Hands, and I really appreciate you offering these -- and leaving them up!! I am new to this, and I am really appreciative of templates that allow me to create great pages with not as much effort, time and learning as I would've had. I really like the multiple photos. Thanks! I can't wait to use these!! (I was actually REALLY looking forward to it tonight, but I am experiencing frustrations with Windows Vista not letting me install me new non-trial version (i.e, the real thing!) of PSE. AAH! The anticipation of using your templates is almost too much - I am SO excited!!! I will try to send some completed ones to you if I ever get them done. (We are moving to Africa in 2 weeks, so time on the internet is looking slim! ;) )

...In any case, thanks SO much!

...And sorry for babbling!!