Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Template Double Portrait #2

Wow lots of things have been happening while a was away!
I was tagged by Sindiego! Something to do with 7 little known facts about myself. But I will have to put it off for a day or 2. I am still sorting out the email not to mention the snail mail. I also have a deadline for a landscaping project that I have been putting off because of the trip. I did not want to be mid-way through it and then leave for a week, so now it's time to get busy on it. So there will probably only be one freebie a day for a week or so. But then again there might be a surprise here and there for you.
OK now on to Our trip...
We left Friday and drove to Kansas City, Kansas for a business meeting and then drove to Denver on Saturday.
Sunday we attended our nephews graduation party.
On Monday, Memorial Day we all got together at my Mother-in-laws (Moms)house for a big barbecue.

Tuesday and Wednesday were taken up with more business meetings. Hopefully we will be going back to complete a few deals and sign a few more contracts. Crossing our fingers.

Thursday we hung out at Moms and mowed there lawn while they were at work. I also replaced all the internal parts of there toilet. The H unit formatted moms computer for her.

Friday we went to Elich Gardens. The girls had a blast and my father-in-law convinced me to go on one of the roller coasters. I had a blast and so did the whole family. Even our youngest rode rides. Almost all the kiddie rides, and the tea cups with Mom and Dad. I ended up with a really bad sunburn on top of my shoulders but it was the best trip to an amusement park we have taken!

Saturday, the H unit went golfing with one of his good friends while Mom and I took the kids and our good friends wife and kids to the Denver Zoo.

Wow is it big! I don't think we even got to see half of it.

Sunday we were supposed to come home but on Saturday I got really sick shortly after we got back from the zoo. I felt it coming on and knew I had to get out of the sun, but it was a little to late.

What really sucks is he hates to drive so I end up doing 80-90 percent of it. Because of this we stayed in Denver an extra day so I could recover. I feel much better now however my shoulders still look as red as a cooked lobster.

But we are home now and the next planned event is in 2 months and I will be gone a week then to. But this next one is a family reunion camping trip.

Now since you have made it this far:

Freebie Double Portrait Template #2

Click the preview to download

Side A and B are both included
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Until next time...


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon Kay said...

Thank you very much for the 2 page template!