Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Ice Storm

We had a interesting April around these parts. We got hit by a large nasty ice storm here in the Midwest. We lost our power on a Tuesday morning and did not get it back till late Friday night.
The kids were off school for 3 days plus the weekend so 5 days off and we were all a bit stir crazy.
It kind of felt like the 1800's around here. Food kept outside in the cold, huddling around the stove in the morning to warm up, cooking by candle light. Joyful times! For me it was but as to the rest of the family they like there modern comforts a little to well!

Snowflake overlay By: Tabby Lewis
Papers from : "Let it Snow" Kit by Darlene Haughin
Word art unknown

Dangling Snowflakes by: Delicious Scraps
Snowy Night Collab
Flower Scraps section
Word Tags: Memorable Moments Add on by: ldrag Designs

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